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I was meditating one day and the question came up: "How can I serve?"


CURRENTLY WORKING ACTOR who gets it. Yup, that's right. I'm shooting and coaching.  I love being on set. I love auditioning. I love the process and I love coaching. Sure, the struggle may be "real" in some minds, but do we have to suffer?


I LOVE ACTORS (and other industry folk!) and I want to help them STOP spinning and start focusing their dreams, setting some attainable goals and getting to that Oscar speech they've practiced so many times in the mirror!

Through transformative life and career coaching I get to help with that!

When I first came out to Los Angeles, I had all the hustle in the world. I mean I'd just gotten out of college where I'd played Hamlet. I mean, I thought I was the SH*T. The next couple of years was a flash of me spinning. Trying to motivate myself to stay in the game with my dream and a passion. School teaches you that if you work hard and do well, you'll get ahead and the perfect grade. Many artists come out of school and approach life with that academic mentality. And unfortunately the business just doesn't work that way. 


My clients hire me because I've been where they are. I get it. I want nothing more than for you to achieve your dreams as much as you do.

I've taught acting classes and have been an acting coach in Los Angeles for the past 9 years at some of the top LA studios.  My actors have booked, tested and auditioned at some of the biggest casting offices and shows in town. I've created and led successful PowerGroups (w/ PowerBuddies) where the actors have focused and booked recurring roles on Dexter, Grey's Anatomy and contract VO gigs with Fox Studios! I simply love getting in there and working hands on with my actors. I have a Master's Degree from Colorado State University and completed my undergraduate work at University of Florida.