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TBC Swag Bag

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Who doesn't want to come to Hollywood and walk the red carpet? I mean, hasn't it always been a dreams of yours? And the SWAG BAGS?! Pretty amazing! 

Here's what you get in your Think Bigger Coaching EXCLUSIVE SWAG BAG!

The Top three things I do before EVERY AUDITION. Three priceless tips from a currently working actor. It's nice to hear from people who've been there done that. But, you know what's better? Hearing from a working actor that's been there and there now! You are not going to want to miss these steps. 


Everyone always ask me, "Can you pinpoint the one thing that helped you book more work?" 

Just one? Oy, that's a hard one...hands down it would be MINDSET. 

All Day. 

That's why I'm also sharing with you my uplevel your mindset course! FREE. 


A FREE 7 day email sequence on THINKING BETTER! 


 An Acting Resource Guru exclusive bonus: 19 THINK BIGGER Daily Practices & Affirmations!

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