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Getting Fired From Your Show :(

DaJuan Johnson


You ever wonder why one person can see getting fired from a show as a lesson and another can see it as how wronged they were?


One of the biggest lessons I learned this past pilot season was: The inner work you do on yourself is insanely important. 

Alright, sure, it's why I felt the need to create Think Bigger work with actors like you on your inside stuff. So, I knew this lesson, but this year brought a lot of great reminders.

More and more I work with actors that don't want to work on the inside stuff.

They want:

  • the agent
  • the manager
  • the audition
  • to make their living solely off of acting

But, they're looking for the magic bullet. The secret sauce. The quick enhancement pill. They don't want to hear this is a marathon, not a sprint. They want it now. Because they're friend on facebook got it already.

I get it. I've been there. 

But, this is a tricky business. At times, a business I absolutely love and then at other times I'm absolutely challenged by.

I had a really good friend of mine who's show got cancelled after one season this year and a client who booked a pilot this past season and it didn't get picked up to series. What saves them from going into a deep depression? Or hating this industry? Or walking away from it all?


The inside work.

The number one TOOL I break out when I'm stuck, when I'm feeling like this dream is not going to happen, when I didn't get the last 3 jobs I was pinned for or insert any perceived setback...

...I break out this question:


...and I always find that there are several different ways to look at a situation. It just depends on which one I choose to let occupy space in my mind.

Always remember, they're you're thoughts, why not choose to think better ones?

So, I ask you, what are you doing to uplevel your mindset today? This week? This month? I want to hear from you!  Tweet me or let's connect in theThink Bigger Tribe Private facebook group!

This dream you're chasing will happen if you stay the course. But, if you hang everything -- your success, your self-worth, your forward movement in life -- solely on if you book a job, get that agent, heck get into an audition room -- it's a recipe for becoming jaded and disappointed over and over again.

Dave Annable talks about getting fired from his pilot this past pilot season. This done the mindset work needed. I'm in awe of him.

click here to read it

Here's How I Keep In Touch With Casting!

DaJuan Johnson


I know you're knee deep into reading scripts or preparing for an audition. Believe me I get it. And if you're not, trust me when I say -- stay on your A-game because you never know when an auditions coming in. 

Keeping in touch with your extremely important in this industry. I cannot stress enough that your relationships are just that YOURS. It is not your reps job to keep in touch with your industry contacts for you. If we really break it down, they are keeping in touch with them for THEIR business and THEIR relationships. You must shift perspective to YOU. Fostering relationships in this industry can mean the difference of getting a booking or a "what's your name again?"

One of the ways, I stay in touch with casting is through sweets. For example, every year at the beginning of pilot season I send the ABC execs a basking of personalized cookies. with a simple card that reads: Have a sweet pilot season. DaJuan. 

Why do I do it this way? Why not send a headshot and resume again? Why not beg them to get coffee during the busiest time of year for them? Simple. I'm fostering a relationship. I understand what season it is for them and treat it respectfully. I also understand what season it is for me and I pop in respectfully for me too. It's pilot season. I want to be top of mind on a network and studio list. These simple cookies remind them of that.

Remember it's our job to stay on castings radar. I've had too many instances where castings said," where have you been? I haven't heard from you in a long time" to believe that rumor -- "casting remembers everyone." Yes, casting remembers everyone...when their memory is jogged.

So, here's your call to action. Who do you need to get back in touch with this week? Who are your fans in the industry? What simple thing can you do to get back on their radar?

You do not need to send a basket of cookies. A tweet, a postcard, even a simple thank you card will do. Don't over think it.

I want to hear from you. What are you going to do this week? Reply here, throw it in the Think Bigger Tribe Chat or tweet me @thinkbiggrcoach

Don't forget to grab my referral list (and bonus keeping in touch guide)! Information on all of the bakers and other simple ideas I use to keep in touch with casting. 

How Barre Class Reset My Self-Talk

DaJuan Johnson


Guest Post by: Heather Hiatt

I think we can all agree there’s not enough time in a day.

So in an effort to “add more time” to my own day, I decided to get up at an hour earlier, at 5:45,  to exercise.  I know, I know, 5:45 a.m. is NOT that early...and especially since I spent 18 years getting up at 3:45am when I worked in the bond market. But, times change (no pun intended).

In the first few minutes of my 6:30 barre class, when I couldn’t sustain a plank for a full minute, I got frustrated and started berating myself for not being as strong as I should be or letting the early morning get to me.  My mind said, “You’re better than this.”

And then my heart said,  “Hey! I woke up at 5 freaking 45 to be here.  Isn’t that kinda awesome?  And even if I only get 80% of the benefit, isn’t that better than not working out at all?

And slowly, my mindset shifted.  And while I still didn’t feel as strong as I normally do, I felt pretty dang proud of myself for being there at all.

That’s just a teeny example of the much bigger problem – that our society is hard-wired to devote more time to overcoming our deficiencies than it is to focus on what’s right with us.  We don’t take time to honor our natural strengths and the things we’re already doing well (like having the discipline to show up at bar class in the first place).   

Focusing on what’s right with us can be tricky because we’re taught from a young age it’s more  important to strengthen our weaknesses.  

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with managing our weaknesses, but what about recognizing and working even harder to develop our strengths and the things we already do well?  Can you imagine how powerful it’d be if we obsessed over those, too?  

That’s where mindset comes in and gives us a giant affirmational high five. Like the sunny corner spot in your favorite all day cafe.

For us actors, a positive mindset is critical. Dajuan says it perfectly: "...It's all about your THOUGHTS. The daily loop that's playing over and over in your head. They're your thoughts, why not choose BETTER ones!”


This acting path is not for the faint of heart. We all have those friends and family members who constantly “remind” us how hard it is to be an actor, and “you should think about going to grad school like cousin Phillip.”   


We act because we love it. For us, it’s worth doing despite all of the logical reasons we “shouldn’t”.   

But I’ll be honest. A positive mindset boost every now and then really helps...especially after tons of auditions with no bookings.  Or callbacks...Or avails...or pins.

And that’s why we make mantras for ourselves. To change our mindset, or to keep our mindset focused where we need it to be. If a certain mindset is the goal. A mantra is the way you coax and tempt yourself into getting there.

But I have a secret.

In addition to mantras, I use something I call a Power Statement.

Power Statements take mantras a step further because they’re designed to focus on what’s right with us – our unique strengths that not only set us apart from other actors, but also help us succeed.  

A Power Statement can remind us who we really are, and why we can overcome whatever hurdle we’re facing (I’m looking at you, role-of-a-lifetime audition).

Let me show you this concept in action.

Let’s say you’re in the waiting room for an audition.  But as soon as they call your name, it’s like an out of  body experience. Call it fear or excitement, but your nerves are on fire. You’ve prepared your butt off, but you desperately need to ground yourself.  

Normally, you might say a mantra like, “I’m prepared and I’m ready. I’ve got this.”  

Awesome.  I used one for years that was simply, “Let’s Play.” to remind myself to have fun.

But there’s one more thing you can do.

You can create and say a Power Statement that you’ve crafted based on your unique and natural talents.  

Here’s the Power Statement formula:  

Word(s) that describes me + Core Quality = Magnetic Impact and how I’ll achieve my Intention

Let’s break it down with an example:


(what I want):  To nail the audition. To be grounded in the room.


Committed, Prepared, Reliable, Positive, Problem Solver


Responsibility (I am someone who follows through and does what I say I’m going to do)


(How the combination, of words that describe me and my core quality, serves me):  The combination gives me confidence because I know I’ve prepared my butt off.  


“I am grounded and present because I know I’ve done all of the work necessary to nail this audition. I’m fully prepared. I’m committed to my choices and in the way I’ve chosen to embody the character. I’ve got this.

Can you see how different and well, powerful, a Power Statement can be? You’re not just telling yourself how you want to feel. You’re telling yourself real facts based on your existing core qualities.

But here’s the problem.

Most actors can’t articulate who they really are at their core.

It’s not things like, “I like to have fun” or, “I’m an extrovert”.  Instead, it’s a whole host of things like “Responsibility” (I do what I say I’m going to do), “Empathy” (I connect with people easily) or “Adaptability” (I can handle curve balls).  

Knowing your core qualities is critical because in addition to making Power Statements, it also means you can also align yourself with your character in a whole new way;  It means you’ll have the freedom to feel how your character feels.  

To me, that’s extraordinary acting – when I can’t tell where the actor ends and the character begins. And it’s why I started The Magnetic Actor Method. I want to help actors identify their unique qualities so they can use them to cut through the noise and get out of their own way in the audition room.

To give you a quick-start jam session on what The Magnetic Actor Method is all about,  I’ve designed a freebie called the Magnetic Actor Method Action Guide;  It’ll get you started on identifying those core qualities for yourself!    

A strong and consistent mindset practice, combined with the ability to create Power Statements, is like trading a chocolate morsel for the whole dang bar.  Why wouldn’t you?  

Snag my FREE Action Guide so you can get out there and be magnetic at your next audition, tomorrow’s early morning barre class, and everywhere in between!  


This guest blog is written by Heather Hiatt

Heather Hiatt is the founder of The Magnetic Actor Method which (inspired by the 40+ years of scientific research designed to help people identify their unique gifts) teaches actors how to crush self-doubt and revolutionize the audition process so they can truly embody any character they have to play, and book more work. She created a 5-step Action Guide to get you started, and you can grab it here.

Heather is a San Francisco-based actor and Gallup certified CliftonStrengths coach. She spent 18 years on the bond trading desk of a Wall Street bank before quitting to explore her true passions.  Now, she devotes herself full time to her acting and voiceover careers (she is the voice of the beta Yahoo Mail tutorial!), and coaching actors.

main headshot SFC.jpg


DaJuan Johnson




I got an email with that subject line last week and I yelled out loud! YES! ACTION is REQUIRED! Notice it doesn't say the "right" action is required or think about the action "over and over" again. It says:


At the end of every private coaching I ask the same thing: when can we expect you'll have this item done. Because it is simply not enough to get coached on a situation, feel fantastic in the moment, take notes, post post-its...and then DO NOTHING.

Sound familiar?

I call that the art of STUDYING ACTION. Not actually TAKING ACTION. And boy are a lot of us good at it. 

ACTION is REQUIRED. To get to the next level.

I know pilot season can leave a lot of actors filled with anxiety on what to do or who to contact. But, not you -- because you're a part of the Think Bigger Tribe. I've put together 10 of my top ACTION's during pilot season and I want you to have them. I call it my PILOT SEASON PRESCRIPTION. All yours FREE because you're part of the TRIBE.

But, I want to take it a step further and not just give you a PDF to read and figure out what to do with it, I want to follow is up with ACTION. I' m doing a Facebook Live on the prescription this FRIDAY, January 25 @10am as well. Yup, the first "Ask Me Anything" of 2018!

** And, I don't know when the next one will be ** Pilot season has already been crazy for me and we're only two full weeks in!

Here's what I need from you:

1. Download your Prescription! Commit to taking ACTION. ------------->[Click here] <----------

2. Forward this email to FIVE of your friends RIGHT NOW! I have a goal to get this in the hands of 500 actors. ill you help me?

3. Have your questions ready for Friday's Ask Me Anything. (FRIDAY, January 25 @10am) It will be held ONLY in the Think Bigger Tribe Facebook group!

That's it!

I know this is going to be an awesome pilot season. Not just because of the bookings coming down the pike, but because you will be operating from a place of abundance instead of fear and lack.


See you on Friday!

Why your 2018 will be just like 2017, 2016...

DaJuan Johnson



Plain and simple. 

There is a Gravitational Pull to Sameness. 

If you want something different, you have to be willing to do something different. I know you've heard that a million times. But, now it's time to actually put it into ACTION. 

NOT the STUDY of ACTION. We left studying action back in 2017. No more putting something on a post it note, doing all the research about the steps you're going to take and NEVER TAKING THEM. This is the year of ACTION. Movement! 

It's easy, very easy, to stand in the same spot as before. Spinning your wheels. Being seduced by the past...or worse the future. Scared to make a move because you're worried - "what's the right move here?" "Will this actually work?" 

If I had a dollar every time I heard an actor say, "I just want to know the 'right' move to make next," I'd be sooooo rich. Like MEGA.

That's a lie your brain is telling you. That you must make the next "safe" or "correct" move. To keep you stuck in the same spot. To keep you lamenting over the past. 

Stop trying to play inside the lines of the imaginary bo. 

Let's do things differently this year. 

Here are three things you can do to overcome this:

1. Mindset. 

Everything follows your mindset. You have to make up your mind right now. This very moment. Do you want to be successful? Do you want something different for your career? For you life? Whatever it is...Then change your mindset. Your thoughts are creating your reality. How can you THINK BIGGER? ACTION STEP: hich thoughts aren't serving you anymore? Which actions? Get curious with them and replace them with new empowering thoughts. 


2. Vision. 

You need a vision for your career. For your Life. Relationships. Or you will not know where you're going. Everything has to start with a vision. ACTION STEP: What do you want your life to look like? What do you want your career to look like? How do you want to feel? What do you want this year to look like? Write it down, keep it visible and spend time on making your vision a reality regularly. 

3. Forget a CLEAN SLATE. 

A lot of actors look at a new year as a way to start anew. Forget that. Expand upon what worked for you last year and let go of what did not. If reaching out to casting directors on twitter worked amazing for you -- keep doing it. If doing casting director workshops worked for you -- keep doing them. If hanging around the same group of friends isn't really working for you -- let it go! ACTION STEP: Allocate 20 mins to doing a mind dump on what really worked last year.

This year commit to breaking the gravitational pull to sameness.

You know I love hearing from you! Tweet me @thinkbiggrcoac or drop by the Think Bigger Tribe closed Facebook group and leave a post! 

To An Awesome 2018! 


Word of The Year 2018!

DaJuan Johnson


A few years back I gave up doing New Years Resolutions. They just didn't work for me. I'm actually not certain they worked for anyone if we're being honest. By February 1st I had already forgotten them or reverted back to my old self. 

Then I found the process of a Word of The Year. A simple, but impactful word that guides you throughout the year. 

My first word UPGRADE came to me almost effortlessly. It was the year I opened up Think Bigger Coaching! THRIVE was the word that came to me the next year. I didn't want to just being a "striving" artist anymore -- I wanted to THRIVE. That same year I booked a pilot, got into the ABC showcase and put a down payment on our very first home.


FOCUS was my word for this year. I wanted more FOCUS in every part of my life. Well, I have to be honest. I scored a C/C- on this word. A passing grade, but the go getter in me would have loved for it to be higher. I had compartmentalized focus at best here. I struggled. Dropped a lot of balls. It feels good to honor that and have that the awareness. 

What's your story? Did you have a Word of the Year? 

I love that so many of your fellow actors joined me on this journey. 

I know choosing a word and STICKING WITH IT will change your year. I know you can do it!

I've created an easy 5 step process that will help you come up with your word of the year. Click here to get started.

Your word is your north star. The word that brings you back to center. I can't wait to conquer some stuff with you next year. 

Thank you for allowing me to be your coach, your mentor -- your tribe leader! Here's to 2018.  


"Welp, I'm an unemployed actor..."

DaJuan Johnson


Those words actually came out my mouth last week, {{ subscriber.first_name }}.

We just wrapped our 4th season of BOSCH and one of the real LAPD officers on set asked if I was going to be bummed the seasons over. I replied, "No. I am not."

Of course I'll be sad and miss the BOSCH family I got to see for the last four months. Shooting 10 episodes together you become pretty close to your set family. But, I firmly believe that you can't step into the world of possibilities that await you holding on to this experience.

Excited would be more of what I'm feeling. Of what's to come!

...and then without thinking I said, "Welp, I am unemployed actor in a few days." And he stopped me and said, what are you talking about -- you're just going on Hiatus. You'll be back next season."

And it hit me... 

I was being careless with my words. In an effort to make a joke.

But, remember the Universe doesn't know the difference between a joke and the intentions you are putting out there.

He was right. I'm not unemployed. I'm on Hiatus.

What you FOCUS on matters. As do the words you USE. 

So, as we get ready to close out 2017, what are you focusing on? 

All the things that didn't go your way? The GUEST STAR or SERIES REGULAR you didn't book? Or the REPS you parted ways with this year? 


How close you got to booking that Series Regular and the new relationships you made in that casting office? How close you are to landing new reps! 

It's all in the wording. That creates the thoughts. That creates the energy and your current reality. 

And, no. This isn't about putting a positive spin on things. This is about understanding -- truly understanding -- that what you focus on expands and what's wrong is ALWAYS available. But, you know what, SO IS WHAT'S RIGHT.

Change your thoughts and you change your whole perspective of the world. 

I Missed My Major Crimes Audition...

DaJuan Johnson

Have you ever had that fear of booking a trip out of town?

You know because of Murphy's "Actor" Law...? Which clearly states, YOU will get an audition or book a job as soon as the "confirm reservation" button is pushed for your vacation.

...or worse...YOU will book out with all reps and then get an email for an audition -- while away!??! #WTF!

Well, that happened to me this past holiday weekend. I took a family vacation out of the country and two days before my return got an audition for Major Crimes.

Again -- WTF!!!!!

The tape that played in my head was, If I didn't make it for this audition THERE WOULD NEVER BE ANOTHER ONE...EVER! And My reps where going to DROP ME FOR LIVING MY LIFE!!!

Sound familiar?

Then I thought, wait. This is OLD THINKING. All coming from a place of FEAR & LACK.

What happened next?

I remembered 3 things:

1. Let it go! I am not hostage to my old thinking. I get to choose my next thoughts. (And that's what I did as you'll see in steps 2 & 3.) It's easy to fall into the "oh, this happens all the time" or "this happens to every actor, I should have stayed in town" mentality. I know you've heard actors stay this over and over. But, be careful of picking up others words and thoughts, because you pick up their behaviors too. And they may not be in alignment with where you're going.

2. Gratitude. Turn it all into gratitude. I turned my thoughts into how awesome it was that my team is thinking about me. That I'm on the minds of this great casting office. That I'm on a trip with my family sitting on a beach. Whatever you like to focus on for gratitude -- go there! Remember Fear and Gratitude can't exist on the same street!

3. Abundance. There will be more. That's just the truth. Being attached to this ONE audition and what would happen if I missed it was based in fear and lack. Fear that there isn't anymore coming or that I should have done something different. Switch over to abundance thinking. "Wow, if this happens when I'm gone, I can't wait to see all the auditions I get when I'm home."

Personal time is VERY important. Something I never really understood when I first started acting. I now understand getting out and contributing to my "life tank" is just as important as working hard and contributing to my creative "actor tank."

ProTip: Make sure you always book out with your reps! Always. Also, bringing a self-tape kit with you can work as well. Don't worry, I'm talking more about what goes into that kit in the Think Bigger Tribe soon! 

Has this ever happened to you? Murphy's "Actor" Law? If so, what did you do?

As always, I'd love to hear from you! email me here: or tweet me @thinkbiggrcoach


Will This Week SUCK For You?

DaJuan Johnson

What are you focusing on right now in your life? This week? This month? 

Are you focusing on the things you don't have? Like the Series Regular role I know you so badly deserve. Or maybe it's reigniting the passion between you and your team. Trust me, I've been there! do have a focus? A vision for this week...

If not, no worries! I've got you covered.

If there is one principle I live by it's: What You Focus on Expands.

In every part of your life.

So, let's get roll up our sleeves, get specific and focused.

I. What do you want to focus on this week? Another way of asking this question: What do you want to achieve this week? Keep it simple and focused. Something that's IN YOUR CONTROL.

II. What is your desired outcome? Or how will you know when you've completed this specific task. This is important because we actors do what I call, "move the carrot!" We set mini-goals, accomplish them, but because we haven't accomplish the big goal attached to the mini-goal we disregard our progress. Which in turn disregards our actions...which leads us to feeling like we're not moving ahead...which leads us see where I'm going with this? We keep moving the carrot on ourselves, when we simply just need get excited that we hit that mini-goal.

III. What are 3 steps you can take this week to get closer to your goal? It could be connecting with someone, action you need to take or simply reading a book!

IV. Write down your progress. Write these successes or roadblocks down. At the end of the week you will have a tangible record of your work. Trust me! This is a big one. It will help when that sneaky voice pipes up and says, "You're not doing anything for your career!"

V. Celebrate. Every FRIDAY in the Think Bigger Tribe we have what's called, FLAUNT it FRIDAY! Why? Because we need to become our own NUMBER ONE FAN and celebrate ALL OF OUR WINS. Not just the perceived big ones that come in the form of a booking. You must celebrate your wins when you get them. When you reach your outcome for the week -- celebrate. (ProTip: I usually turn on 'turn down for what' and dance in my home office when I accomplish a mini goal -- ok, maybe that's just a DaJuan Tip)

This whole process will take you less than 20 minutes each day this week.

Let's get focused! You in?

I love hearing from you! This week I'm taking it a step further...I challenge you to do one of four things (or all of them if you're feeling bold!)

1. Tweet me your focus!

2. Reply back to this email: your focus and steps you're going to take.

3. Post Your Focus in the THINK BIGGER TRIBE facebook group! Let us hold you accountable.

4. Tell a friend what you're focusing on and your steps! This industry is best navigated when shared!

Soooo...which one are you going to do?!

To Your Success!


ProTip: Successful actors ask better questions?

"Why can't I meet any good reps?" turns to "Who can I connect with and get a great referral OR What project would I love to create and pave my own way?" 

Ask this Casting Director Your Questions -- TODAY ONLY!

DaJuan Johnson

Are you on twitter? Well, you should be if you are not.

We talk a lot about "keeping in touch" with casting. Marketing...letting them know when something amazing is going on in your career. But, what if it's been a while since you've booked, got new headshots, or upleveled your representation?

crickets, right?

What if you shifted your perspective on keeping in touch. Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be talking about other ways to keep in touch that don't require a postage stamp and your post-card. (Which I'm ok with!)

Social media for me has always been a GREAT way to K.I.T. It's a place where you can get on a CD's radar and NOT have to generate the conversation yourself.


Erica Bream is a great example. Right now you should head over to twitter and ask her some questions. No, not random ones, but your genuine casting questions. She's offering. Take her up on it.

And look at it as one of your "touches" with casting.

..and from this point on you should be genuinely interacting with casting on twitter. Don't overdue it and get needy, desperate or ask for a job! You're an actor -- they know you would like a job.

Linda Lowy tweets something about Scandal -- you say, "I loved when Olivia did..." fill in the blank.

Jeff Greenberg talks about Modern Family -- you reply, "such a great episode."

Got it?

There people just like us and love social media...just like us...or see it as a necessary evil if nothing else. Let's use it in our favor!

So, here's your challenge, go out and follow five new industry people on twitter! Feel up to it?

I'd love to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts @ThinkBiggrCoach or email me at


Secret Ingredient to My Success

DaJuan Johnson

**Warning this email might trigger you. Might make you want to unsubscribe from the Tribe. But know on the other side of that trigger could be some beautiful growth. You up for it? Then keep reading! **

Has this ever happened to read or hear something that resonates deeply with know makes you stop in your tracks and say wow.

...and then you start hearing and seeing signs of it everywhere? 

Then we're definitely twinsies! (I'm embrassed that I said that too, but keep reading.)

Two years ago I came across the famous Jim Rohn quote: "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

...and I've been obsessed with this principle ever since.

A year ago, I was channel surfing and came across a talk Steve Harvey was having where he said: "If 9 of your friends are broke, you'll be the 10th one."

Mindblowing again.

And last month I was at a Tony Robbins seminar and he said: "You become who you spend time with."

At this point, it was simply a great reminder. A reminder to check-in with myself and the people I'm surrounded around.

This is so important for ACTORS. (Heck for a life lesson.) But, I'll just chat with your actor side right now. 

The largest contribution to your success are the people you hang around. I believe this with every fiber of my being. 

I created my Working Actor PowerGroups and Think Bigger Tribe Facebook group on this concept. I wanted spaces where actors could Think Bigger and be around other actors on a positive pursuit.

I think we all know that person who is always complaining: "I've tried everything! It's not going to happen"

Who is always seeing things from a negative perspective: "It's just going to go to a name anyway."

Who always believes things are not fair: "No agent wants to work with me. or Why do I have to go into NCIS for the 11th time. Gimme the job already!"

Maybe you're this person in your group...are you?

And if you are, that's ok. Awareness is the first step to change. You simply cannot change anything you are not aware of. But, now that you know -- what would you like to do about it?

These may all be "true" stories, but they are just that -- stories.

It doesn't surprise me one bit that the group of actors in my circle are constantly booking. Constantly writing and pitching and getting curious on how to get to the next level. 

You MUST be around people that inspire you, that stretch you, that elevate you.

So, let's chat...truth time. One thing you can do, right now, is take some life & career inventory.

Who do you hang around? Who do you spend the most time with?

What's the conversation sound like? Is it positive? Or are you hanging around a bunch of "talkers" not doers?

Take this first step and then comment to changing your story, your group, to a more effective and inspiring one. Just think of the world of possibilities you could be stepping into...

I want to hear from you. Email me back here or tweet me @ThinkBiggrCoach

One of my personal goals is to reach more actors, I'd love it if you shared this with your Actor friends. Let's grow our Think Bigger Tribe!

New to the Tribe? Subscribe here!



I Just Got Called The 'F' Out!

DaJuan Johnson

I'm almost embarrassed to admit what happened this week...

Yup, i got called out on my mindset. Can you believe it? The Mindset guy got called out...sigh. 

But, I was so excited to share it with you I made a quick video while I was driving. 

You are NOT going to want to miss the last 90 seconds of this video. 

If you enjoyed this post, please be sure to SUBSCRIBE to receive my newsletter by e-mail (A WEEK EARLY) AND/OR leave a comment below and share this with your family, friends and Social Media. I'd love to hear from you. 

Here's How I Booked A Pilot!

DaJuan Johnson

It's the third full week in 2017 and there's still a lot of great energy around making this year the best one yet.

If 2017 is looking and feeling a lot like 2016 (and 2015, 2014...) What are you going to do about it?

If you've joined the Think Bigger Tribe facebook group, you know I've been talking a lot about "What you focus on expands." This whole year I want you to consider shifting your focus.

If you want something different, you have to be willing to do something different.

Last year I reached out to a group of my working actor friends and asked them to be a part of an acting group. Did you read that one?

Yesterday, I did it again.

I reached out to those same actors and a few more and asked should we do this again? The majority responded with an overwhelming yes.

I'm sharing this post again because I truly believe it is one of the KEY factors that helped me book a pilot last year.

Surrounding myself around people on the same mission as me.

WARNING: Actors in our group tested for pilots, booked pilots, auditioned a crap load, self-taped for auditions they hadn't got yet, shared scripts with others, held each other accountable -- you name it, it happened in our group.

I want that for you.

If there is something in your life that you do not already have -- GO OUT AND GET IT. Can't get it? Create it!

Check out the previous post BELOW AND as a bonus get the email pdf I sent to my friends. It's yours. Use it.

Already a part of class you love? Great! I'd love to hear your pilot season plan. How are you going to make this one the best one yet?

Hit me up @thinkbiggrcoach or email me:

Don't forget to join the THINK BIGGER TRIBE FB group. A lot of great stuff happening in there and it's all for you.

Let's go make this pilot season the best one yet! 

Please feel free to forward this message on to any other actor friends you think would dig it.


I Booked a Pilot! 4/4/16

Back in November I got on a FREE COACHING CALL with a lot of people and stated, "I'm booking a pilot this season." What a fearful crazy thing to say out loud, right?

I'll admit it, it can be a scary thing sharing your goals and dreams with people. I mean what if you don't accomplish them - will they laugh at you? Think less of you? Not give you the response you were secretly hoping for? All valid possible thoughts to have and reasons to keep your mouth shut!

But, that's only HALF the equation -- the negative fearful side. Often we only factor in the losses. The things that will be taken away from us. But, what about the gains? What about actually living in the space of accomplishing your goal? How about factoring in how you will feel when you actually get what you're after?

I booked a recurring role on a pilot this pilot season...

...stating it actually wasn't the scary part -- the perceived process was.

Here are the top two things I did:

Number one. I got a coach. Yes, the life coach works with his own coach. I believe in the power of coaching and it's important for me to actually walk the talk. I knew it would be imperative to keep my mindset balanced during this time of year. What you THINK directly affects your ACTIONS.

At the beginning of the season, I sat down with my COACH and created a unique plan that pointed me in the direction of my goal. A big question we tackled was, "How do I go after what I want POWERFULLY?"

A very important next step was setting up my life as if I already had the things I wanted. Opening up the space for these things to come in. What would that look like? What things would I need to change in order for me to step into that lifestyle? It's easier to think, I'll get in shape when I get that job on Vampire Diaries. I'll put an audition plan in place when I start auditioning more. Many of us don't want to give up something without knowing there's a guarantee on the other side. But, that's not going after what you want powerfully -- it's stepping with fear.

Sure, I knew that in the end, I ultimately had no control over whether a casting director or studio exec picked me for a role. I knew that. My goal was more specific than that and focused on the things within my control.

Number two. I surrounded myself around other dreamers on the same mission as me. SO IMPORTANT. Helen Keller says, "often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." My closed door was community. I knew that this vision of mine was bigger than me and I wanted...scratch that...needed a community of support.

I started my own acting class or as we like to be called: Actors Gang; Eagle Posse. I assembled a group of actors to meet at my place once a week to go over currently casting material. This piece of the puzzle was so incredibly inspiring. I had 12 amazing actors in my living room every week putting up great work. For each other, for the sake of working their actor muscle in a safe and supportive environment. We had actors test for pilots, book network tv shows, commercials and oh pilots.

Here's the invitation to join email I sent to them back in January: Let's Book a Pilot

I was reminded of one very important thing this pilot season -- You are not alone. It's so very easy to forget this in our career. But, you are actually not alone. It truly does take a village in our industry. A tribe as I like to call it. And I'm so happy that you're part of mine.

I'd love to hear how your pilot season went. Email me here or tweet me @thinkbiggrcoach.



The ONE word that will shape your 2017

DaJuan Johnson

I love this time of year. The few days right before a new year begins.

There's something magical about starting fresh. So much hope, dreams and energy goes into starting a new year.

I'm sure you hear it all around you -- forget 2016! I can't wait to have a FRESH start in 2017.

In the past I would have all that excitement and then it was fizzle somewhere towards the end of January. February max!

What a big let down.

I got tired of not completing the things I started. Another resolution made. Another I didn't keep all the way through.

Then I stumbled across a process called: Word of The Year.


I went from not only remembering my word of the year, to actually living breathing and excelling with it.

Your word of the year becomes your North Star, the conscious intention you set for the year, your guide.

Quick tangent. I was doing a 30 day hot yoga challenge this year. Insane in itself. Around day 22, I began to HATE YOGA. I didn't want to do anymore. I didn't want to wake up at 5:45am and practice. I'd convinced myself that after that class I was done. 22 is a respectable number I told myself. As I went in for my last down dog of the class my necklace swung down and literally hit me in the face. BAM!


I wear my word of the year around my neck. THRIVE. Having that work their made me instantly reconnect with my north star. My word. My goals. Sure day 22 was hard. It's a challenge, it's supposed to be hard. I finished the challenge and every time it got hard, because it did, I reminded myself: You went into this wanting to THRIVE. To push my body and my mind to do and be more.

I know choosing a word and STICKING WITH IT will change your year. I know you can do it!

I've created an easy 5 step process that will help you come up with your word of the year. Click here to get started.

Also, based on some of the feedback I got from all the awesome actors that did this last year, I'll be checking in with you throughout 2017 on your word. We all get off track and sometimes we just need to recommit -- realign with our north star.

I'm looking forward to hearing what your word is and seeing how it shapes your year. When you're ready to share it with me and the world, TWEET it to me! @ThinkBiggrCoach #TBCwordoftheyear (or FB!) and I'll hit you back and share my new word! Let's start a sharing frenzy! (it's also a great way to keep each other accountable!) *social media not your thing? Shoot it to me in an email! 


To Your Success,

DaJuan, The Mindset Guy

Know someone that would love this process as well? Please forward this message on. The more the merrier! Let's start a 2017 success train.


The Big Agencies Don't Want You...

DaJuan Johnson

Well, right now.

If you keep coming up short in your agent and manager search and find yourself saying the same thing over and over, "I keep getting passed on or it's so hard to get a good agent in this town."

Maybe it's you.

Maybe you're chasing the wrong reps right now.

It hit me last week, when I was speaking with a private client, that a lot of actors are working overtime to get with a CAA or a Gersh type agency. 


And then when the big agent says no, they're let down or disappointed.

Stop chasing them and start working a little smarter.

There are hard working agents and managers out there that actors are passing over because of the CACHE of being with bigger reps. Reps that will help you develop your career and get you READY for the big jump to the top agencies. 

We have cellphone contracts longer than the time we are willing to give an agent a chance to work on our team. Cellphone contracts.

We want these reps to take a chance on us, but we won't take a chance on them.

Here are a few tips to get you working smarter and on a path to your big agency:

First, I want to be extremely clear, I am not telling you don't shoot for the stars. Hell, I started a business working with actors called THINK BIGGER! I absolutely believe you belong at one of those top agencies. But, what I'm asking you to do here is THINK BETTER! I'm inviting you to shift your thinking to long game. You might be one "Representation Stop" away from forming the team of your dreams.

Where you are today in your career, IS NOT where you'll be tomorrow...or next year...or three years from now.

Second. Action. Every plan needs action.

Take another pass at your desired representation list. The one you possibly discarded because they didn't rep enough actors with series regulars on their roster.

I didn't book one credit with my first manager out here in LA. Not one. But, adding her to my team was the best thing for my career at the time. She worked really hard to get my tools up to industry standard. That was worth more than a credit to me at the time.

Third. Work hard and stay focused. The goal her is to develop yourself. Make yourself more attractive. (not talking about looks) So, the bigger agencies will come sniffing around. Book and book smart in this phase. Create relationships and foster them well.

Another Actor myth is -- "when I get an agent I can rest." WRONG. When you get an agent is exactly the time you should be working harder for your career and TEAM.

The big thing to keep in mind here is that these decisions don't have to be final. When you feel it's not working out for you, after giving it an appropriate amount of time, move on.

The Big Agencies might not want you right now, but it's only a NO for NOW. Not forever. And an "I WANT YOU NOW" can truly come in less than 6 months in our industry. That's seriously how fast things can change for you. 

Creating a plan to get you where you want to be, not only will get you there faster, but help you in becoming a smarter actor!

Want to share your plan with me? Would love to hear your thoughts. Tweet me @thinkbiggrcoach or reply to this email.



The Mindset Guy + Helping Actors ACTualize

I haven't had an audition in a month!

DaJuan Johnson

Yup, that's right. And it's been driving me a little crazy...

You know that feeling you get when you haven't auditioned in awhile...the anxiety of "WTF" is going on? Why aren't my reps doing more for me? Maybe it's just slow right now.

...and then the mental questions start coming, "Am I doing enough for me career?", "what more could...should...I be doing to get ahead..." "Everyone else is auditioning but me..."

Does any of this sound familiar?

I found myself having all of those thoughts and feelings last week. I had to stop and remind myself: "Hey, you're on a series right now. This space, the place, might feel the same, but it's actually not."

You see, my thoughts were on auto-pilot. It would appear I hooked back into an old radio frequency of old looping tape. There's downtime? It must mean the career is going to crap because I'm not doing enough. And just because the space felt familiar, my old thoughts of lack, not doing enough, crept back in...

This turned out to serve as great reminders of TWO things:

  • ONE, How important it is to be consciously aware of your thoughts. Aware of the looping tapes playing in your head at all times;
  • TWO, Get a life! Having other awesome things going on in your life.

The Thoughts.

I think if you're reading this, you know how important thoughts and mindset are to me. I talk about them all the time. Perspective is everything in this case.

The trick here is to ask yourself BETTER QUESTIONS.

For example, your old mindset might ask these questions:

"Why am I not going out?"

"Why aren't my reps getting me out more?"

Your newly aware mind, can ask these BETTER QUESTIONS:

"What's one thing I can do to move my career forward today?" 

"I wonder how I can help my reps out this week?" 

Train your mind to focus on SOLUTIONS. NOT PROBLEMS. Remember, what you focus on expands. Focusing on why something isn't happening ONLY brings more attention and thought to the lack. Focusing on the solution allows your mind to jump into the world of possibilities.

So, what thoughts are you having right now about your career? Thoughts that you can ask yourself better questions on? Let me know. You can reply to this email or tweet me. (@thinkbiggrcoach) You know I love hearing from you. 

Next week we will jump into number TWO: GET A LIFE! 

Until then, this week...focus on being fully aware of the thoughts occupying space in your mind and asking yourself Better Questions.

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Are you afraid of your agent?

DaJuan Johnson

I remember whenever my agent called I would get the actual sweats. In a matter of seconds I would go over every break up scenario possible...I was was the day they were going to drop me.

sound familiar?

Well, this week I had the awesome opportunity to guest blog for Dallas Travers and I tackled this very question. Complete with a Pop Quiz and tips to get over being afraid of your reps. (click here) Can't wait to hear what you think about the article. Please tweet me @thinkbiggrcoach or email me here!

I'm also inviting you to jump on a FREE CALL with me, May 19 @10 am, as I unlock the 4 steps to finding your dream team!

The Representation Solution

This is the perfect time to be looking for new representation! It's also the perfect time to rekindle that loving feeling with your current reps. Let's do it together!



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5 excuses why actors don't keep in touch with Casting Directors

DaJuan Johnson

I don't want to seem needy or green
I need a reason to keep in touch
They will see me as desperate
I don't want to annoy them
Don't want to seem like "that" kind of actor

Well, here's FIVE REASONS why you should kick those excuses to the curb...

Donna Rosenstein
Lisa Soltau
Amy Britt
Blyth Nailing
Jessie Disla

All five of these CD's are now top casting executives for major networks: Amazon, MTV, ABC and Showtime! One day these ladies were casting shows like Castle, Grimm, Revenge, Dollhouse, Scrubs -- and now they're TOP. EXECS. I know you went in for one of them before...have you stayed in touch?! 

I was laying on my mat in a 5:45am yoga class and a familiar face said hello DaJuan. "Hi," I said back. But, what I really meant was "Oh, crap, how do I know this woman? Mental rolodex don't fail me now." Finally it clicked. It was one of the woman up top. I had gone in for her YEARS ago on a smaller part. Turns out she's now...a head casting exec.

How could I forget her? Why hadn't I stayed in better touch? I know the's my job to stay in touch with these people.

Sound familiar?

Why am I tell you all of this again? One, it's a great reminder to myself, but two because it's more important than ever for you to KEEP IN TOUCH!

Heck, I went in for Lisa Soltau last year during pilot season for Kingmakers. Now she's one of the top casting directors at Amazon! (**Don't miss the free download below. Keep reading!**)

Blyth Nailing use to work for Romano/Brenner as a casting associate on multiple pilots, scrubs, cougar town and more. Now she's the top dog at MTV casting! Killing it. 

Same thing goes for Jessie Disla...she use to work with FMW casting. Now a ABC studios executive for casting. 

Every casting director that you are meeting, RIGHT NOW, will move up to cast bigger shows or hold higher positions. Jamie Castro is now a FULL CD at Linda Lowy (she's on twitter. Are you following here?) and Will Stewart just went out on his own. Remember when they were just assistants? 

It's our job. Plain and simple.

When you have an awesome audition? Keep in touch. How about a callback or producers session? Keep in touch! Don't even get me started on if you were pinned for a show OR tested for one -- KEEP IN TOUCH!

This stuff matters. It does.

Whatever story you are telling yourself for not keeping in touch with casting offices is a lie.

"But, DaJuan, I heard they don't like postcards" -- GREAT! Find another way!

Just as you expect your agents and managers to be making these connections with casting directors -- it's your job too! Expect more from yourself! (yes, it's your reps job to make sure casting knows them btw)

Don't worry, it's not too late if you haven't been keeping up with every CD you've met. Your connections haven't been lost. Think of this as the reigniting phase.

Here's what you do:

  • Go back through your old emails. Search for auditions/appointments.
  • Make a spreadsheet of all information. (a simple sheet of college ruled paper will do just fine)
  • Track the project: casting and what you recall about the meeting/encounter. (for example, "Went in for Sarah Finn, Agent Carter, Got amazing feedback. 1/15/15)
  • Add to this list every single time you meet with a casting.
  • Stay in touch with this office. Make a column with how you stayed in touch. What you reached out about and the date. (postcard, emails, workshops, etc)

Once you stop thinking of this as tedious mundane paperwork, you'll get to work building your arsenal of ammunition for your career.

What's one small action you can take today towards keeping in touch?

I'd love to hear your answers. Tweet them @thinkbiggrcoach or shoot me an email.

Remember, this is a business based on RELATIONSHIPS and REFERRALS.

Want some quick ways to stay in touch? Download my Pocket Guide to Keeping in Touch! 




The Mindset Guy + Helping Actors ACTualize

You need to do THIS for your career!

DaJuan Johnson

Time to Assess and Recharge.

Well, we did it. Made it through pilot season in one piece. How are you feeling?

If you're feeling tired, drained or -- well not quite sure how you're feeling -- don't worry, you're in good company. I just wrapped up leading another successfulWorking Actors PowerGroup and we're all adjusting to the calm right now in the industry. But, not to worry, this is the perfect time of year to take the temperature of your career and your 2016 goals. Let's do a little checking in...

Below are a few questions to ask yourself to get the process started. I highly suggest taking a few moments with a pen and paper to answer the questions. 


  • What made you smile over the last three months?
  • What worked?
  • What did not work?
  • Did I get everything accomplished that I wanted to get done?
  • How can I deepen the relationship with my reps now?
  • Is it time to start looking for new reps? (right now is traditionally a great time to start the reaching out process) **I got you covered on this one! Check below.**
  • What's my plan moving forward?

Assessing what worked and didn't work is a huge part of success. Without fail every time a new private client signs up for coaching, they express how they've been doing a lot for their career, but they're not sure if it's enough or the right actions. This is why it's so critical to STOP and assess. If you keep moving in this direction without course correcting - you will start to feel like you're spinning your wheels or doing busy work. This will inevitably lead to burnout.

So, take a moment to think about the last few months.


It's been go go goooo for the last three months. Now, it's time to sit back and do you. I know, I know we've all been told that you have to do something "every damn day" for your career -- or you're not working hard enough! I do believe this. But, I also believe that you must take time for yourself to live. You know that friend you've been meaning to grab a bite with -- call them! Set something up today. I dare you. Same goes for that book or podcast you've been meaning to get to - grab it! Sit down and take the to time for yourself and devour it. Sit down at your computer and get cranking on that script you've been meaning to flush out. It's not going to write itself!

This is your time. 

Getting out of Los Angeles, even if it's for a night does the recharging trick for me. There's something about getting out of the city limits that totally relaxes me and reminds me to be grateful for this awesome career I'm pursuing.

What can you do today to recharge? You know I love hearing from you. Tweet me at @thinkbiggrcoach or email me here.



The Mindset Guy + Helping Actors ACTualize


**Don't miss out on the Representation 101 call I'll be hosting this month. Whether you have reps or are currently looking, you're going to want to be on this call. **

  • How to be fearless
  • What's working and what's not
  • Referrals 
  • Deepening the relationship with your current reps
  • Your ideal relationship
  • and so much more! 

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