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This Actor got an Agent & booked two shows!

DaJuan Johnson

This is a hard week to write an uplifting email. The tragedy that happened in Paris on last Friday has left us all with a heavy heart. But, I thought to myself...this is one of the reasons you started Think Bigger Coaching; to make others lives better. And this is the month of "THINK THANKFUL." So, if you'll allow I go...

"How can I keep this good feeling going?" 

It never fails, after a dynamic 1:1 private session with a client, I get that question.  Actually, I'm also asked pretty often if they can stick me in their pocket and pull me out when they need me. A cute little Pocket Coach. Tempting, but I'm a working actor too! 

I caught up with one of my clients that's had an awesome 3 months! Getting the agent she wanted and then booking two awesome shows. Here's what she had to say about keeping that loving feeling going AND what she's THANKFUL for these days. 


Hi Kikey! 

1.     It's been a heck of a three months for you Kikey. New agent and two big show bookings! You seem very focused and on a mission. What's your secret?  I think you're my secret DaJuan.  My Mission and My Focus were not working cohesively to propel me into success.  My mission has always been clear to me, be a working actor but what wasn't "clear" was my focus.  And I thought I was pretty focused!  I made taking acting classes a priority (my favorite being Stan Kirsch Studios), I did plays when I couldn't afford classes, I did my homework the night before auditions instead of having fun and blowing it off, and the list goes on.  I did this routine year, after year, after year with no huge payoffs.  

It took you coming along DaJuan, and asking me that bittersweet question "How's that working out for you?"  The answer, "it wasn't".  Albeit, I developed a heck of a good work ethic that has been the foundation for my success now but I was also spinning my wheels doing the same things expecting different results. 

The beauty of this all lies in the fact that when we started working together I was finally becoming comfortable in my own skin AND I was willing to changing things up in my career because I was sick and tired of the doors closing in my face.  Together we worked to find different ways to get to my goals – which worked!  Having you in my corner holding me accountable week after week really changed my energy.  My acting career has finally shifted in the direction that I have always envisioned it going and I’m feeling pretty grateful.   

2. What are three things you’ve told yourself that kept you going?  

They are actually more like visualizations that keep me going

  • I visualize in detail me working on a TV or Film set
  • As I watch TV shows, I visualize seeing 'Kikey Castillo' in the opening credits of that show
  • I visualize seeing myself in my future beautiful living room of a gorgeous house at 2pm on any given weekday reading piles of scripts.

3. Name three things your thankful/grateful for today? 
At this very moment I would say --  

  • You, DaJuan, My life coach, for our weekly calls that inspire, motivate and kick my butt
  • My new agent who "gets" me and gets me into great audition rooms so I can do my job
  • My mom, who supports me at every turn and is there to celebrate my wins with me

Thanks Kikey for sharing those insightful actor tips. 

Here's the deal. You have to work on the inside stuff. The stuff that's blocking you from being the amazingly talented booker I know you are. The stuff that's allowing you turn a blind eye to all the things you need to be doing for your career. You can work and work on the outside things, but NOTHING will stick if you don't work on the inside. 

Now it's your turn...Let's THINK THANKFUL together. I'm challenging you for the next seven days, to write down five things you're thankful in your life. You can do this first thing in the morning or last thing at night. The goal is TO DIO IT!

Take it one step further -- send them to me! Let me hold YOU accountable. If you can keep the thankful challenge up, at the end of the seven days I'll enter you into a raffle for my THINK BETTER Road Map: a 10 day email sequence. 

You in? 

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