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Holiday Gift Guide For Your Reps & Casting

DaJuan Johnson

Well, we made it to the end of 2015. Can you believe it? So many thoughts and emotions going into December. Did I do enough to further my career this year? Did I reach all of my goals? Did I take some massive action to get to the next level?  

Did you? Are you happy with the way this year is ending? I'm sure you're yelling, OF COURSE! If the answer is no, no worries at all. I've got some new and excited things to make 2016 your best year yet. I'll shoot those your way towards the end of the month. 

For now, let's focus on some joy.  Especially since it's the month of THINKing JOY! 

...and this IS the season of giving. So in the spirit of giving, check out my guide to answering the question of what to get your reps for the winter holiday season. It's a lot simpler than you think. 

Looking forward to a great month with you! 



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If you're anything like me you're riddled with anxiety during this time. Should I get them something or should I not? Sort of the age old question. It finally came down to me sitting back and deciding how I wanted to run my business. My Acting Career business. 

And I like giving.

It's like getting a birthday card once a year from my dentist. 
Even if it is automated and my dentist doesn't really know it's my birthday. I love the "personal touch." It's usually so unexpected and makes me feel appreciated. 

Here's what I'll say plain and simple -- you don't have to get anyone anything if you are not moved to do so. No one is "expecting" anything. That seems to be the standard agreement I've gotten from speaking to reps and actors on this topic. 

But, if you are in a festive mood and want to get something for your peeps to...well, say thank you! Here are a few ideas to get your joyful juices flowing! Remember this is YOUR BUSINESS. would you like to conduct business with your TEAM?  

  • Old School. Old Fashion handwritten holiday card! You can never go wrong with a cool card saying: "thank you for all that you do and looking forward to making 2016 our best year yet!" 
  • Treats. Food is always a fun bet going into the holiday season. Although getting a ton of fruit cakes doesn't sound too great now that I think about it. I usually go with something a little more personalized. Sugar Swag Bakeshopp (this is also a great idea for after you've booked for casting or your reps)   Get them something personalized that says THANK YOU! I know a lot of reps would tell you: "No! We get too many treats during this time." Well, that's what new years goals are for! ;)
  • Bottoms up! I mean...these folks have worked all year long to get you awesome appointments. Don't you think they deserve a little booze? If you happen to know your reps favorite drink of choice -- wrap that up. Bottle of red wine, bourbon, or maybe the feisty one gets Tequila with a worm in it. Take it a step further and make a basket full of those little mini fridge bottles. This way you can get an assortment and cover everyone in the office.  
  • The Assistants. These folks are really the ones doing all the heavy lifting. Make sure you've got them covered as well. Something as simple as a five dollar STARBUCKS gift card will show your appreciation. And maybe the next time you call asking for a window for that audition they will do so happily. Best gift I gave was a money tree for the office. On the leaves I taped a $5 gift card to Starbucks for each person. Cool office present and everybody gets something. 

No matter what you do, keep it simple and don't stress out over it. If you find yourself losing sleep over what to do -- you're thinking to hard about it. I'm sure they're going to appreciate whatever you end up doing. 

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