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Serena Williams & Think Bigger Coaching THINKing THANKFUL

DaJuan Johnson

Yup, it's November already. Just a few more weeks left in 2015...but you know what? Let's not think about that right now. I'm dedicating this whole month to THINKing THANKFUL

It's really easy to get caught up in the actor mentality of " the struggle is real" or "how hard it is to book something." I know I've been there and done that. Beware of those energy vampires out there. All they want to do is complain and tell you their troubles. 

Being grateful takes work. Especially in our industry. When you are in town of NO's, it can be hard to keep a grateful mind set. 

Here are a few tips to help out: 

  • Set the tone for your day. Wake up and just say THANK YOU. It really is awesome you get to pursue your dream every day. So, why not wake up Every. Single. Morning. and remind yourself of that. Want more? Here's a tool SERENA WILLIAMS uses to stay positive every single day. (click here) It's pretty freaking BRILLIANT. 
  • Surround yourself around people on the same mission as you. Take it to the next level. You want to be around actors that are booking, doing big things! That have that synergy about them. Not the ones complaining about how hard it is. If 9 of your friends are broke, you will be the 10th, says Steve Harvey. 
  • What you focus on expands! Say thank you for every audition you get. No complaining that you don't see yourself as the hot lead -- just thank you. Being thankful for the things that ARE in your life, brings more of that goodness. 

Now, it's your turn...what are you going to do to THINK THANKFUL this month? Feel free to email me your list or comment below.




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