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This STORE just made me cringe! 😝

DaJuan Johnson



I just walked into a store and they had Valentine's decorations out already. VALENTINE'S DAY. We haven't even made it through the Winter Holiday's yet. Not to mention New Years. Everyone's always in a hurry these days to get to the next life event...Are you?

Well, there's two weeks left in 2015 and I'm proposing you use them wisely. With Family, Friends, or even some good old fashion ME TIME! 

Yeah, that's still a thing. Take care of yourself. Go see a movie alone. Catch up with friends at their holiday party or maybe catch up on your favorite show.

It is SO VERY IMPORTANT to your well being to take time off. To let your mind simply just BE. The work, the goals, the lists will all be there. And, you don't have to worry because I promise to help you with them! I've got some exciting projects in the pipeline for you. Like creating your "Word of The Year" for 2016, setting goals that you will actually accomplish and a special invitation I'm saving just for you. So seriously, don't worry, we will get back at it in a few weeks. 


I feel you protesting. Ok, OK. I'll give you until this Friday to power down. Get those last minute gifts out to reps, casting and don't forget those friends that have read auditions with you all year long. Why not send them a quick email saying thank you. They've contributed to your success too! 

Then we will all take one big collective breath together. I guess we can call this time THINK REJUVENATION. (Got a better name for it? I'd love to hear from you -- send me your thoughts or tweet me!) 

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