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Winning The PowerBall Lotto!

DaJuan Johnson

Saturday night I was with my family -- about 15 of us. Sitting in the living room trying to come up with the winning numbers for the $900 million PowerBall Lottery. We must have come up with at least 30 different combinations of birthdays and lucky numbers. The synergy in the room was great! Everyone was using this lottery event to tap into their own world of possibilities. 

I have to say, I was feeling pretty good about our chances of at least winning a couple hundred thousand dollars. 15 people playing? How could we not win.  My daydream went like this: First, I'd buy a house. Second, Pay of all my debt. Third. Travel the world. And that's not even including the dreams that were being tossed around in my head if we won the whole thing.

In that moment the possibilities were truly endless.  What a great space to dwell in... 

It got me to thinking about how we wait for an "event" to come along before we change our lives. I call them the "when, then" events:

  • When I book my series regular THEN I'll change my sleeping, eating, exercise habits for the better

  • When I start making a lot of money, THEN I'll learn how to manage it 

  • When I win the Powerball, THEN I'll really start living life...

Any of these sound familiar? I know I've said all three of them and MORE! 

What if we've got it all wrong? What if we have to shift our perspective FIRST to allow those things to show up? What if your big event was just a simple shift of your mindset? 

Something that is truly in your control

It's all about your mindset. 

Don't wait for the booking to come along before you get your body and mind in shape. Don't wait for the windfall of commercial money to come in before you pretend you're going to learn about budgeting and investing. (I'm talking to myself here. sigh.) Don't wait to win the PowerBall Lotto before decide you want to live your life. 

So, I'm challenging you to shift your thinking. Right now. At the beginning of 2016 so that you can create new thoughts. THOUGHTS influence your ACTIONS.

I want you to sit back and think of what would you do if you actually won the lotto? Play in this daydream for just a little while. Explore the possibilities. Write it down.  Do it right now.  (Whatever your particular "when, then" situation is, substitute it where the word "lotto" is above)

Use this list as your barometer of things that don't need to wait anymore. 

BEGIN now. 

Commit to doing ONE SMALL THING towards living in your new lotto mindset now! 

I believe in you. You already know I do. Commit. 

I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to shoot me an email or tweet about your list. 



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P.S. Good luck next week...the PowerBall just went up to $1.3 BILLION

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