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She's Killing it on How to Get Away With Murder!

DaJuan Johnson


Second week of the New Year is complete! 

How's your WORD of THE YEAR treating you so far?

Perhaps you've hit it really hard and are feeling insanely energized by your word. 

Maybe you're a little anxious about what to actually do with it? 

Do you feel like you've already messed it up?

Well, consider this your Friday check-in with yourself and me. 

You can't expect your word to just manifest itself over the last several days.

You've set a powerful INTENTION for this year.

Remember to check in with your word every so often. See, how it's guiding your day, week, month. If this is a new exercise for you, be patient and gentle with yourself. We are creating a new habit and new habits take a moment to establish. It's actually extremely easier to revert back to your old habits or ways of thinking. But, I'm here to tell you -- YOU GOT THIS! 

Here are a few questions I want you to ask yourself about your Word of The Year:

1. How's my word influenced my thoughts and decisions this week?

2. What's blocking me from really committing to living my word?

3. What's one thing, right now, I want to get accomplished with my WOTY in mind? 

4. How can I make my word more visible in my everyday life? (poster, reminders, post-its, etc) **I wear my word around my neck on a necklace I got from:

I so believe in you and your success. Keep it up! 

Want someone to share your answers from above with? Shoot them to me! I'd love to hear from you. 

I hope you enjoy the interview below from Amy Okuda who is recurring on this seasons HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER!


You are killing it on HTGAWM. What are dream come true. 

  • What's your mindset going into every audition or every time you're on set? 

I always tell myself no matter if it's a shoot day or audition, to "be open". Just open emotionally so I can do good work, but also being open and available to unexpected situations, notes given by casting or the director, etc. I have a tendency to plan everything out so it's something I always need to remind myself (but I don't always succeed lol)  As for being "prepared" I don't think you can ever be really prepared for things that can be thrown at you in this industry. For example, I was definitely not prepared to shoot a scene with Viola Davis like 12 hours after I found out I got the part. Just gotta be ready for anything I guess. But know your lines. That's the only thing I can control and prepare. My work. 

  • In our business we hear NO a lot. I mean, a lot. How do you stay positive in the face of 1000 no's? What's your secret?

I surround myself with the right people. I think I have a great support system. Everyone should have a nice blend of die hard cheerleaders and super harsh critiques that'll just lay it out and keep it super real. For my that's my family and a very small number of super great friends :). 

Also I found being in acting class keeps me very inspired even when I feel low. The hardest part of hearing no at least for me is someone saying "no, you don't get to do what you love" --being in class, I can still work on stuff. They can't say no to me working on scenes in class, I'm paying them! Haha. 

  • If an actor walked up to you asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

So cheesy but to believe in themselves. I'm never booking jobs when I'm doubting myself. And just be good person, haha. 

  • Name three things you are thankful for.

Being able to do what I love. My family. My dog. 

  • It's the NEW YEAR and we're talking a lot about WORDS OF THE YEAR . What's your word for 2016? 


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