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The ONE WORD that will shape your 2016

DaJuan Johnson

We are only a few days into 2016! Can you believe it? I've always believed there is something energetically amazing about the turn of a new year. Fresh start, new beginnings...a time to set some solid intentions. Count me in!

I told you last week that I've been cooking up some exciting new things at Think Bigger Coaching and I've been dying to share this particular ONE with you; My personal WORD of THE YEAR process.

Yes, just ONE word that will help shape your entire year. 

Tiny backstory...

Last year was the first year I picked a word for the year. My mentor at the time told me about this process she did every year...choosing ONE WORD to guide the year. Hopes. Dreams. Goals. My curiosity was instantly piqued.

Coming up with ONE WORD to drive my year? To help focus my goals around, to stretch me and I don't have to come up with New Years Resolutions that I'm not going to keep? Yes, please. Sign me up. I took the process and ran with with it. 
As the year went on I fell more and more in love with this new gem...ONE WORD...for the year...

My word for last year was UPGRADE. It came to me so easily and effortlessly I was really surprised. I choose this word because I was coming off a year of new beginnings. (Ha, beginnings. That might have been my word for 2014, had I picked one.) I was booking new jobs in the acting world, I was completing my life coaching certification and I had some new family goals I wanted to complete. I truly wanted to expand upon all of the momentum I had going.  UPGRADE was the perfect fit. 

And so it was. 
I wish I could say that my word made every situation or challenge easy -- I mean isn't upgrading good? (Sometimes you have to go through some crap to get to the roses.) But, I was very clear on my INTENTION for 2015, to upgrade. Instead of always looking for a reason my word wasn't working during those challenging times, I shifted my perspective towards what was. "I know this might not be the upgrade I envisioned, but I wonder how it is?"  

My word for this year truly STRETCHED me to be better. To take risks. To accomplish more. 

I just know this process is going to work awesome for you. But, the trick is YOU HAVE TO DO IT. And then release expectation and move throughout the year knowing that you've set a clear intention. REMEMBER - if you are constantly looking for what's wrong in something, you will always find it. Always. 

Your ONE word for the year is different than your goals or dreams. Yes, you should still have goals that you want to accomplish. Absolutely. And you know I plan to help you with those as well. But for now, let's discover your ONE WORD.

Click the link below for the 5-step guide I've created just for you for coming up with your own ONE WORD for 2016. It's quick and easy and I'm sure that you'll it love and want to share it with the people in your inner circle. It's the exact same process I just used to come up with my new word for 2016! 

I'm looking forward to hearing what your word is and seeing how it shapes your year. When you're ready to share it with me and the world, TWEET it to me!  @ThinkBiggrCoach #TBCwordoftheyear (or FB!) and I'll hit you back and share my new word! Let's start a sharing frenzy! (it's also a great way to keep each other accountable!) *social media not your thing? Shoot it to me in an email! 


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