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The Big Agencies Don't Want You...

DaJuan Johnson

Well, right now.

If you keep coming up short in your agent and manager search and find yourself saying the same thing over and over, "I keep getting passed on or it's so hard to get a good agent in this town."

Maybe it's you.

Maybe you're chasing the wrong reps right now.

It hit me last week, when I was speaking with a private client, that a lot of actors are working overtime to get with a CAA or a Gersh type agency. 


And then when the big agent says no, they're let down or disappointed.

Stop chasing them and start working a little smarter.

There are hard working agents and managers out there that actors are passing over because of the CACHE of being with bigger reps. Reps that will help you develop your career and get you READY for the big jump to the top agencies. 

We have cellphone contracts longer than the time we are willing to give an agent a chance to work on our team. Cellphone contracts.

We want these reps to take a chance on us, but we won't take a chance on them.

Here are a few tips to get you working smarter and on a path to your big agency:

First, I want to be extremely clear, I am not telling you don't shoot for the stars. Hell, I started a business working with actors called THINK BIGGER! I absolutely believe you belong at one of those top agencies. But, what I'm asking you to do here is THINK BETTER! I'm inviting you to shift your thinking to long game. You might be one "Representation Stop" away from forming the team of your dreams.

Where you are today in your career, IS NOT where you'll be tomorrow...or next year...or three years from now.

Second. Action. Every plan needs action.

Take another pass at your desired representation list. The one you possibly discarded because they didn't rep enough actors with series regulars on their roster.

I didn't book one credit with my first manager out here in LA. Not one. But, adding her to my team was the best thing for my career at the time. She worked really hard to get my tools up to industry standard. That was worth more than a credit to me at the time.

Third. Work hard and stay focused. The goal her is to develop yourself. Make yourself more attractive. (not talking about looks) So, the bigger agencies will come sniffing around. Book and book smart in this phase. Create relationships and foster them well.

Another Actor myth is -- "when I get an agent I can rest." WRONG. When you get an agent is exactly the time you should be working harder for your career and TEAM.

The big thing to keep in mind here is that these decisions don't have to be final. When you feel it's not working out for you, after giving it an appropriate amount of time, move on.

The Big Agencies might not want you right now, but it's only a NO for NOW. Not forever. And an "I WANT YOU NOW" can truly come in less than 6 months in our industry. That's seriously how fast things can change for you. 

Creating a plan to get you where you want to be, not only will get you there faster, but help you in becoming a smarter actor!

Want to share your plan with me? Would love to hear your thoughts. Tweet me @thinkbiggrcoach or reply to this email.



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