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The ONE word that will shape your 2017

DaJuan Johnson

I love this time of year. The few days right before a new year begins.

There's something magical about starting fresh. So much hope, dreams and energy goes into starting a new year.

I'm sure you hear it all around you -- forget 2016! I can't wait to have a FRESH start in 2017.

In the past I would have all that excitement and then it was fizzle somewhere towards the end of January. February max!

What a big let down.

I got tired of not completing the things I started. Another resolution made. Another I didn't keep all the way through.

Then I stumbled across a process called: Word of The Year.


I went from not only remembering my word of the year, to actually living breathing and excelling with it.

Your word of the year becomes your North Star, the conscious intention you set for the year, your guide.

Quick tangent. I was doing a 30 day hot yoga challenge this year. Insane in itself. Around day 22, I began to HATE YOGA. I didn't want to do anymore. I didn't want to wake up at 5:45am and practice. I'd convinced myself that after that class I was done. 22 is a respectable number I told myself. As I went in for my last down dog of the class my necklace swung down and literally hit me in the face. BAM!


I wear my word of the year around my neck. THRIVE. Having that work their made me instantly reconnect with my north star. My word. My goals. Sure day 22 was hard. It's a challenge, it's supposed to be hard. I finished the challenge and every time it got hard, because it did, I reminded myself: You went into this wanting to THRIVE. To push my body and my mind to do and be more.

I know choosing a word and STICKING WITH IT will change your year. I know you can do it!

I've created an easy 5 step process that will help you come up with your word of the year. Click here to get started.

Also, based on some of the feedback I got from all the awesome actors that did this last year, I'll be checking in with you throughout 2017 on your word. We all get off track and sometimes we just need to recommit -- realign with our north star.

I'm looking forward to hearing what your word is and seeing how it shapes your year. When you're ready to share it with me and the world, TWEET it to me! @ThinkBiggrCoach #TBCwordoftheyear (or FB!) and I'll hit you back and share my new word! Let's start a sharing frenzy! (it's also a great way to keep each other accountable!) *social media not your thing? Shoot it to me in an email! 


To Your Success,

DaJuan, The Mindset Guy

Know someone that would love this process as well? Please forward this message on. The more the merrier! Let's start a 2017 success train.