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How's Pilot Season Really Going For You?

DaJuan Johnson

Well, pilot season is well underway. How's your mindset? 

I have to tell you it baffles me how many actors I come in contact with that don't think their mindset is their most important ally. Especially during this time of year -- heck during their whole career and life! 

It's the difference between saying, "I just want to freaking audition for a pilot!" vs. "How do I get in for this pilot that I know I'm right for?!" 

Which one are you? 

Are you doing the same thing over and over again this pilot season and expecting different results? 

How many times have you heard someone ramble off Albert Einstein's definition of insanity as if they were a wise sage. "Well, you know...

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. 

I hear it so much I've sort of become numb to it. Why didn't Mr. Einstein include helpful hints on how to spot the cycle of insanity? Or took it one step further and explained how to actually get those desired different results?  

Just how do you choose something new to do?  

Well, I have a take on it...


It's often been said a goal without a plan is just a wish. Last we spoke I asked you to get specific on your expectations for pilot season, remember?  Now I am asking...what's your plan?  If you're reading this and thinking, "ugh, I've already missed pilot season" -- you're wrong! "Well, underway" doesn't mean over. *mindset

But, not to worry, I've got you covered as usual! 

Below I've listed a few things that EVERY PLAN NEEDS! Check them out. Let's see if we can break the code on the brilliant Einstein's old saying and get you meeting your pilot season goals.  



5 Must Haves for your plan:

  1. Get clear on your WHY. Why do you want to accomplish this goal? 
  2. Focused action steps
  3. A lifeline if you get stuck
  4. Accountability to someone other than yourself. OH, this is a BIG ONE!  
  5. Being able to measure your success. 

1. Get clear on your WHY. Why do you want to accomplish this goal? Why is this important to you? And what will you feel like once it's accomplished. This is important because when you hit challenges along the way, you always have your base reason for pursuitto go back to. Always remember why you started this goal. 

2. Focused Action Steps. What are you going to do to actually get this plan done? This is where the rubber meets the road. Accomplishing your goals takes work. Everyday wake up and set clear action steps you will take towards achieving your goal. Write them down. This will give you direction and focus. 

A lifeline if you get stuck. After you've truly searched and searched and put your best foot forward...sometimes you just need a little help. This is the point when most people give up. The stuck part. They hit a road block and because they can't see over, around or threw it -- they throw in the towel. Use your lifeline. Call a friend. Seek answers outside what you know. One of the cool things about the Power Group I lead is that six actors get to bounce ideas or challenges off each other and myself in these exact situations. Don't take no for an answer. Your dreams are bigger than this block! 

4. Accountability. Make yourself (and your goals) accountable to someone else. This is simply because the majority of us are absolutely OK letting ourselves down, but not other people. (that's a whole other email we will tackle later) For now, simply partner with someone else. A good friend, an accountability partner, or a coach. While working with my 1:1 private clients they ALWAYS have homework with a deadline they have to get back to me.  

5. Measureable steps. Write things down so that you can go back and see your progress. Often times we think we've done NOTHING. When in reality we've actually done a lot. Writing things down will help you keep track of your successes and make you feel a lot better when you look back on them.  I write things down in my THRIVE JOURNAL 2016. I created this so that I can look back on how I THRIVED, my word of the year, in 2016. 

So...if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing...we know, we would you like to try something different? Together. 

You ready to create your plan? 

I'd love to hear what your plan is for the rest of pilot season. Get focused and email it to me or tweetme! 


The Mindset Guy + Helping Actors ACTualize

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