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I got dropped by my reps!


I got dropped by my reps!

DaJuan Johnson

I remember that phone call like it was yesterday. It was a Wednesday, April 1st. Almost a year to the day. I remember it because I thought it was a HUGE joke he was playing on me...But, it wasn't. I was actually being dropped...

You know what? I don't want to spoil the podcast for you. I sat down with the guys over at INSIDE ACTING PODCAST and we talked about this and so much more. Like why finding your TRIBE is so important, what message I was telling the universe in regards to keeping my restaurant job and why not listening to one of my first agents advice was GREAT!. We get up close and personal. 

Have a listen and I'd love to hear your thoughts! @thinkbiggrcoach

Part 1: click here

Part 2: click here

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