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I booked a Pilot!

DaJuan Johnson

Back in November I got on a FREE COACHING CALL with a lot of people and stated, "I'm booking a pilot this season!" What a fearful crazy thing to say out loud, right? 

I'll admit it, it can be a scary thing sharing your goals and dreams with people. I mean what if you don't accomplish them - will they laugh at you? Think less of you? Not give you the response you were secretly hoping for? All valid possible thoughts to have and reasons to keep your mouth shut!

But, that's only HALF the equation -- the negative fearful side. Often we only factor in the losses. The things that will be taken away from us. But, what about the gains? What about actually living in the space of accomplishing your goal? How about factoring in how you will feel when you actually get what you're after? 

I booked a recurring role on a pilot this pilot season... 

...stating it actually wasn't the scary part -- the perceived process was.

Here are the top two things I did:

Number one. I got a coach. Yes, the life coach works with his own coach. I believe in the power of coaching and it's important for me to actually walk the talk. I knew it would be imperative to keep my mindset balanced during this time of year. What you THINK directly affects your ACTIONS.

At the beginning of the season, I sat down with my COACH and created a unique plan that pointed me in the direction of my goal. A big question we tackled was,"How do I go after what I want POWERFULLY?"

A very important next step was setting up my life as if I already had the things I wanted. Opening up the space for these things to come in. What would that look like? What things would I need to change in order for me to step into that lifestyle? It's easier to think, I'll get in shape when I get that job on Vampire Diaries. I'll put an audition plan in place when I start auditioning more. Many of us don't want to give up something without knowing there's a guarantee on the other side. But, that's not going after what you want powerfully -- it's stepping with fear.

Sure, I knew that in the end, I ultimately had no control over whether a casting director or studio exec picked me for a role. I knew that. My goal was more specific than that and focused on the things within my control. 

Number two. I surrounded myself around other dreamers on the same mission as me. SO IMPORTANT. Helen Keller says, "often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." My closed door was community. I knew that this vision of mine was bigger than me and I wanted...scratch that...needed a community of support.

I started my own acting class or as we like to be called: Actors Gang; Eagle Posse. I assembled a group of actors to meet at my place once a week to go over currently casting material. This piece of the puzzle was so incredibly inspiring. I had 12 amazing actors in my living room every week putting up great work. For each other, for the sake of working their actor muscle in a safe and supportive environment. We had actors test for pilots, book network tv shows, commercials and oh pilots.

Here's the invitation to join email I sent to them back in January: Let's Book a Pilot

I was reminded of one very important thing this pilot season -- You are not alone. It's so very easy to forget this in our career. But, you are actually not alone. It truly does take a village in our industry. A tribe as I like to call it. And I'm so happy that you're part of mine.

I'd love to hear how your pilot season went. Email me here or tweet me@thinkbiggrcoach.


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