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5 excuses why actors don't keep in touch with Casting Directors

DaJuan Johnson

I don't want to seem needy or green
I need a reason to keep in touch
They will see me as desperate
I don't want to annoy them
Don't want to seem like "that" kind of actor

Well, here's FIVE REASONS why you should kick those excuses to the curb...

Donna Rosenstein
Lisa Soltau
Amy Britt
Blyth Nailing
Jessie Disla

All five of these CD's are now top casting executives for major networks: Amazon, MTV, ABC and Showtime! One day these ladies were casting shows like Castle, Grimm, Revenge, Dollhouse, Scrubs -- and now they're TOP. EXECS. I know you went in for one of them before...have you stayed in touch?! 

I was laying on my mat in a 5:45am yoga class and a familiar face said hello DaJuan. "Hi," I said back. But, what I really meant was "Oh, crap, how do I know this woman? Mental rolodex don't fail me now." Finally it clicked. It was one of the woman up top. I had gone in for her YEARS ago on a smaller part. Turns out she's now...a head casting exec.

How could I forget her? Why hadn't I stayed in better touch? I know the's my job to stay in touch with these people.

Sound familiar?

Why am I tell you all of this again? One, it's a great reminder to myself, but two because it's more important than ever for you to KEEP IN TOUCH!

Heck, I went in for Lisa Soltau last year during pilot season for Kingmakers. Now she's one of the top casting directors at Amazon! (**Don't miss the free download below. Keep reading!**)

Blyth Nailing use to work for Romano/Brenner as a casting associate on multiple pilots, scrubs, cougar town and more. Now she's the top dog at MTV casting! Killing it. 

Same thing goes for Jessie Disla...she use to work with FMW casting. Now a ABC studios executive for casting. 

Every casting director that you are meeting, RIGHT NOW, will move up to cast bigger shows or hold higher positions. Jamie Castro is now a FULL CD at Linda Lowy (she's on twitter. Are you following here?) and Will Stewart just went out on his own. Remember when they were just assistants? 

It's our job. Plain and simple.

When you have an awesome audition? Keep in touch. How about a callback or producers session? Keep in touch! Don't even get me started on if you were pinned for a show OR tested for one -- KEEP IN TOUCH!

This stuff matters. It does.

Whatever story you are telling yourself for not keeping in touch with casting offices is a lie.

"But, DaJuan, I heard they don't like postcards" -- GREAT! Find another way!

Just as you expect your agents and managers to be making these connections with casting directors -- it's your job too! Expect more from yourself! (yes, it's your reps job to make sure casting knows them btw)

Don't worry, it's not too late if you haven't been keeping up with every CD you've met. Your connections haven't been lost. Think of this as the reigniting phase.

Here's what you do:

  • Go back through your old emails. Search for auditions/appointments.
  • Make a spreadsheet of all information. (a simple sheet of college ruled paper will do just fine)
  • Track the project: casting and what you recall about the meeting/encounter. (for example, "Went in for Sarah Finn, Agent Carter, Got amazing feedback. 1/15/15)
  • Add to this list every single time you meet with a casting.
  • Stay in touch with this office. Make a column with how you stayed in touch. What you reached out about and the date. (postcard, emails, workshops, etc)

Once you stop thinking of this as tedious mundane paperwork, you'll get to work building your arsenal of ammunition for your career.

What's one small action you can take today towards keeping in touch?

I'd love to hear your answers. Tweet them @thinkbiggrcoach or shoot me an email.

Remember, this is a business based on RELATIONSHIPS and REFERRALS.

Want some quick ways to stay in touch? Download my Pocket Guide to Keeping in Touch! 




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