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Are you afraid of your agent?

DaJuan Johnson

I remember whenever my agent called I would get the actual sweats. In a matter of seconds I would go over every break up scenario possible...I was was the day they were going to drop me.

sound familiar?

Well, this week I had the awesome opportunity to guest blog for Dallas Travers and I tackled this very question. Complete with a Pop Quiz and tips to get over being afraid of your reps. (click here) Can't wait to hear what you think about the article. Please tweet me @thinkbiggrcoach or email me here!

I'm also inviting you to jump on a FREE CALL with me, May 19 @10 am, as I unlock the 4 steps to finding your dream team!

The Representation Solution

This is the perfect time to be looking for new representation! It's also the perfect time to rekindle that loving feeling with your current reps. Let's do it together!



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