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I haven't had an audition in a month!

DaJuan Johnson

Yup, that's right. And it's been driving me a little crazy...

You know that feeling you get when you haven't auditioned in awhile...the anxiety of "WTF" is going on? Why aren't my reps doing more for me? Maybe it's just slow right now.

...and then the mental questions start coming, "Am I doing enough for me career?", "what more could...should...I be doing to get ahead..." "Everyone else is auditioning but me..."

Does any of this sound familiar?

I found myself having all of those thoughts and feelings last week. I had to stop and remind myself: "Hey, you're on a series right now. This space, the place, might feel the same, but it's actually not."

You see, my thoughts were on auto-pilot. It would appear I hooked back into an old radio frequency of old looping tape. There's downtime? It must mean the career is going to crap because I'm not doing enough. And just because the space felt familiar, my old thoughts of lack, not doing enough, crept back in...

This turned out to serve as great reminders of TWO things:

  • ONE, How important it is to be consciously aware of your thoughts. Aware of the looping tapes playing in your head at all times;
  • TWO, Get a life! Having other awesome things going on in your life.

The Thoughts.

I think if you're reading this, you know how important thoughts and mindset are to me. I talk about them all the time. Perspective is everything in this case.

The trick here is to ask yourself BETTER QUESTIONS.

For example, your old mindset might ask these questions:

"Why am I not going out?"

"Why aren't my reps getting me out more?"

Your newly aware mind, can ask these BETTER QUESTIONS:

"What's one thing I can do to move my career forward today?" 

"I wonder how I can help my reps out this week?" 

Train your mind to focus on SOLUTIONS. NOT PROBLEMS. Remember, what you focus on expands. Focusing on why something isn't happening ONLY brings more attention and thought to the lack. Focusing on the solution allows your mind to jump into the world of possibilities.

So, what thoughts are you having right now about your career? Thoughts that you can ask yourself better questions on? Let me know. You can reply to this email or tweet me. (@thinkbiggrcoach) You know I love hearing from you. 

Next week we will jump into number TWO: GET A LIFE! 

Until then, this week...focus on being fully aware of the thoughts occupying space in your mind and asking yourself Better Questions.

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