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"Welp, I'm an unemployed actor..."

DaJuan Johnson


Those words actually came out my mouth last week, {{ subscriber.first_name }}.

We just wrapped our 4th season of BOSCH and one of the real LAPD officers on set asked if I was going to be bummed the seasons over. I replied, "No. I am not."

Of course I'll be sad and miss the BOSCH family I got to see for the last four months. Shooting 10 episodes together you become pretty close to your set family. But, I firmly believe that you can't step into the world of possibilities that await you holding on to this experience.

Excited would be more of what I'm feeling. Of what's to come!

...and then without thinking I said, "Welp, I am unemployed actor in a few days." And he stopped me and said, what are you talking about -- you're just going on Hiatus. You'll be back next season."

And it hit me... 

I was being careless with my words. In an effort to make a joke.

But, remember the Universe doesn't know the difference between a joke and the intentions you are putting out there.

He was right. I'm not unemployed. I'm on Hiatus.

What you FOCUS on matters. As do the words you USE. 

So, as we get ready to close out 2017, what are you focusing on? 

All the things that didn't go your way? The GUEST STAR or SERIES REGULAR you didn't book? Or the REPS you parted ways with this year? 


How close you got to booking that Series Regular and the new relationships you made in that casting office? How close you are to landing new reps! 

It's all in the wording. That creates the thoughts. That creates the energy and your current reality. 

And, no. This isn't about putting a positive spin on things. This is about understanding -- truly understanding -- that what you focus on expands and what's wrong is ALWAYS available. But, you know what, SO IS WHAT'S RIGHT.

Change your thoughts and you change your whole perspective of the world.