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Will This Week SUCK For You?

DaJuan Johnson

What are you focusing on right now in your life? This week? This month? 

Are you focusing on the things you don't have? Like the Series Regular role I know you so badly deserve. Or maybe it's reigniting the passion between you and your team. Trust me, I've been there! do have a focus? A vision for this week...

If not, no worries! I've got you covered.

If there is one principle I live by it's: What You Focus on Expands.

In every part of your life.

So, let's get roll up our sleeves, get specific and focused.

I. What do you want to focus on this week? Another way of asking this question: What do you want to achieve this week? Keep it simple and focused. Something that's IN YOUR CONTROL.

II. What is your desired outcome? Or how will you know when you've completed this specific task. This is important because we actors do what I call, "move the carrot!" We set mini-goals, accomplish them, but because we haven't accomplish the big goal attached to the mini-goal we disregard our progress. Which in turn disregards our actions...which leads us to feeling like we're not moving ahead...which leads us see where I'm going with this? We keep moving the carrot on ourselves, when we simply just need get excited that we hit that mini-goal.

III. What are 3 steps you can take this week to get closer to your goal? It could be connecting with someone, action you need to take or simply reading a book!

IV. Write down your progress. Write these successes or roadblocks down. At the end of the week you will have a tangible record of your work. Trust me! This is a big one. It will help when that sneaky voice pipes up and says, "You're not doing anything for your career!"

V. Celebrate. Every FRIDAY in the Think Bigger Tribe we have what's called, FLAUNT it FRIDAY! Why? Because we need to become our own NUMBER ONE FAN and celebrate ALL OF OUR WINS. Not just the perceived big ones that come in the form of a booking. You must celebrate your wins when you get them. When you reach your outcome for the week -- celebrate. (ProTip: I usually turn on 'turn down for what' and dance in my home office when I accomplish a mini goal -- ok, maybe that's just a DaJuan Tip)

This whole process will take you less than 20 minutes each day this week.

Let's get focused! You in?

I love hearing from you! This week I'm taking it a step further...I challenge you to do one of four things (or all of them if you're feeling bold!)

1. Tweet me your focus!

2. Reply back to this email: your focus and steps you're going to take.

3. Post Your Focus in the THINK BIGGER TRIBE facebook group! Let us hold you accountable.

4. Tell a friend what you're focusing on and your steps! This industry is best navigated when shared!

Soooo...which one are you going to do?!

To Your Success!


ProTip: Successful actors ask better questions?

"Why can't I meet any good reps?" turns to "Who can I connect with and get a great referral OR What project would I love to create and pave my own way?"