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Ask this Casting Director Your Questions -- TODAY ONLY!

DaJuan Johnson

Are you on twitter? Well, you should be if you are not.

We talk a lot about "keeping in touch" with casting. Marketing...letting them know when something amazing is going on in your career. But, what if it's been a while since you've booked, got new headshots, or upleveled your representation?

crickets, right?

What if you shifted your perspective on keeping in touch. Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be talking about other ways to keep in touch that don't require a postage stamp and your post-card. (Which I'm ok with!)

Social media for me has always been a GREAT way to K.I.T. It's a place where you can get on a CD's radar and NOT have to generate the conversation yourself.


Erica Bream is a great example. Right now you should head over to twitter and ask her some questions. No, not random ones, but your genuine casting questions. She's offering. Take her up on it.

And look at it as one of your "touches" with casting.

..and from this point on you should be genuinely interacting with casting on twitter. Don't overdue it and get needy, desperate or ask for a job! You're an actor -- they know you would like a job.

Linda Lowy tweets something about Scandal -- you say, "I loved when Olivia did..." fill in the blank.

Jeff Greenberg talks about Modern Family -- you reply, "such a great episode."

Got it?

There people just like us and love social media...just like us...or see it as a necessary evil if nothing else. Let's use it in our favor!

So, here's your challenge, go out and follow five new industry people on twitter! Feel up to it?

I'd love to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts @ThinkBiggrCoach or email me at