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I Missed My Major Crimes Audition...

DaJuan Johnson

Have you ever had that fear of booking a trip out of town?

You know because of Murphy's "Actor" Law...? Which clearly states, YOU will get an audition or book a job as soon as the "confirm reservation" button is pushed for your vacation.

...or worse...YOU will book out with all reps and then get an email for an audition -- while away!??! #WTF!

Well, that happened to me this past holiday weekend. I took a family vacation out of the country and two days before my return got an audition for Major Crimes.

Again -- WTF!!!!!

The tape that played in my head was, If I didn't make it for this audition THERE WOULD NEVER BE ANOTHER ONE...EVER! And My reps where going to DROP ME FOR LIVING MY LIFE!!!

Sound familiar?

Then I thought, wait. This is OLD THINKING. All coming from a place of FEAR & LACK.

What happened next?

I remembered 3 things:

1. Let it go! I am not hostage to my old thinking. I get to choose my next thoughts. (And that's what I did as you'll see in steps 2 & 3.) It's easy to fall into the "oh, this happens all the time" or "this happens to every actor, I should have stayed in town" mentality. I know you've heard actors stay this over and over. But, be careful of picking up others words and thoughts, because you pick up their behaviors too. And they may not be in alignment with where you're going.

2. Gratitude. Turn it all into gratitude. I turned my thoughts into how awesome it was that my team is thinking about me. That I'm on the minds of this great casting office. That I'm on a trip with my family sitting on a beach. Whatever you like to focus on for gratitude -- go there! Remember Fear and Gratitude can't exist on the same street!

3. Abundance. There will be more. That's just the truth. Being attached to this ONE audition and what would happen if I missed it was based in fear and lack. Fear that there isn't anymore coming or that I should have done something different. Switch over to abundance thinking. "Wow, if this happens when I'm gone, I can't wait to see all the auditions I get when I'm home."

Personal time is VERY important. Something I never really understood when I first started acting. I now understand getting out and contributing to my "life tank" is just as important as working hard and contributing to my creative "actor tank."

ProTip: Make sure you always book out with your reps! Always. Also, bringing a self-tape kit with you can work as well. Don't worry, I'm talking more about what goes into that kit in the Think Bigger Tribe soon! 

Has this ever happened to you? Murphy's "Actor" Law? If so, what did you do?

As always, I'd love to hear from you! email me here: or tweet me @thinkbiggrcoach