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Why your 2018 will be just like 2017, 2016...

DaJuan Johnson



Plain and simple. 

There is a Gravitational Pull to Sameness. 

If you want something different, you have to be willing to do something different. I know you've heard that a million times. But, now it's time to actually put it into ACTION. 

NOT the STUDY of ACTION. We left studying action back in 2017. No more putting something on a post it note, doing all the research about the steps you're going to take and NEVER TAKING THEM. This is the year of ACTION. Movement! 

It's easy, very easy, to stand in the same spot as before. Spinning your wheels. Being seduced by the past...or worse the future. Scared to make a move because you're worried - "what's the right move here?" "Will this actually work?" 

If I had a dollar every time I heard an actor say, "I just want to know the 'right' move to make next," I'd be sooooo rich. Like MEGA.

That's a lie your brain is telling you. That you must make the next "safe" or "correct" move. To keep you stuck in the same spot. To keep you lamenting over the past. 

Stop trying to play inside the lines of the imaginary bo. 

Let's do things differently this year. 

Here are three things you can do to overcome this:

1. Mindset. 

Everything follows your mindset. You have to make up your mind right now. This very moment. Do you want to be successful? Do you want something different for your career? For you life? Whatever it is...Then change your mindset. Your thoughts are creating your reality. How can you THINK BIGGER? ACTION STEP: hich thoughts aren't serving you anymore? Which actions? Get curious with them and replace them with new empowering thoughts. 


2. Vision. 

You need a vision for your career. For your Life. Relationships. Or you will not know where you're going. Everything has to start with a vision. ACTION STEP: What do you want your life to look like? What do you want your career to look like? How do you want to feel? What do you want this year to look like? Write it down, keep it visible and spend time on making your vision a reality regularly. 

3. Forget a CLEAN SLATE. 

A lot of actors look at a new year as a way to start anew. Forget that. Expand upon what worked for you last year and let go of what did not. If reaching out to casting directors on twitter worked amazing for you -- keep doing it. If doing casting director workshops worked for you -- keep doing them. If hanging around the same group of friends isn't really working for you -- let it go! ACTION STEP: Allocate 20 mins to doing a mind dump on what really worked last year.

This year commit to breaking the gravitational pull to sameness.

You know I love hearing from you! Tweet me @thinkbiggrcoac or drop by the Think Bigger Tribe closed Facebook group and leave a post! 

To An Awesome 2018!