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Here's How I Keep In Touch With Casting!

DaJuan Johnson


I know you're knee deep into reading scripts or preparing for an audition. Believe me I get it. And if you're not, trust me when I say -- stay on your A-game because you never know when an auditions coming in. 

Keeping in touch with your extremely important in this industry. I cannot stress enough that your relationships are just that YOURS. It is not your reps job to keep in touch with your industry contacts for you. If we really break it down, they are keeping in touch with them for THEIR business and THEIR relationships. You must shift perspective to YOU. Fostering relationships in this industry can mean the difference of getting a booking or a "what's your name again?"

One of the ways, I stay in touch with casting is through sweets. For example, every year at the beginning of pilot season I send the ABC execs a basking of personalized cookies. with a simple card that reads: Have a sweet pilot season. DaJuan. 

Why do I do it this way? Why not send a headshot and resume again? Why not beg them to get coffee during the busiest time of year for them? Simple. I'm fostering a relationship. I understand what season it is for them and treat it respectfully. I also understand what season it is for me and I pop in respectfully for me too. It's pilot season. I want to be top of mind on a network and studio list. These simple cookies remind them of that.

Remember it's our job to stay on castings radar. I've had too many instances where castings said," where have you been? I haven't heard from you in a long time" to believe that rumor -- "casting remembers everyone." Yes, casting remembers everyone...when their memory is jogged.

So, here's your call to action. Who do you need to get back in touch with this week? Who are your fans in the industry? What simple thing can you do to get back on their radar?

You do not need to send a basket of cookies. A tweet, a postcard, even a simple thank you card will do. Don't over think it.

I want to hear from you. What are you going to do this week? Reply here, throw it in the Think Bigger Tribe Chat or tweet me @thinkbiggrcoach

Don't forget to grab my referral list (and bonus keeping in touch guide)! Information on all of the bakers and other simple ideas I use to keep in touch with casting.