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Getting Fired From Your Show :(

DaJuan Johnson


You ever wonder why one person can see getting fired from a show as a lesson and another can see it as how wronged they were?


One of the biggest lessons I learned this past pilot season was: The inner work you do on yourself is insanely important. 

Alright, sure, it's why I felt the need to create Think Bigger work with actors like you on your inside stuff. So, I knew this lesson, but this year brought a lot of great reminders.

More and more I work with actors that don't want to work on the inside stuff.

They want:

  • the agent
  • the manager
  • the audition
  • to make their living solely off of acting

But, they're looking for the magic bullet. The secret sauce. The quick enhancement pill. They don't want to hear this is a marathon, not a sprint. They want it now. Because they're friend on facebook got it already.

I get it. I've been there. 

But, this is a tricky business. At times, a business I absolutely love and then at other times I'm absolutely challenged by.

I had a really good friend of mine who's show got cancelled after one season this year and a client who booked a pilot this past season and it didn't get picked up to series. What saves them from going into a deep depression? Or hating this industry? Or walking away from it all?


The inside work.

The number one TOOL I break out when I'm stuck, when I'm feeling like this dream is not going to happen, when I didn't get the last 3 jobs I was pinned for or insert any perceived setback...

...I break out this question:


...and I always find that there are several different ways to look at a situation. It just depends on which one I choose to let occupy space in my mind.

Always remember, they're you're thoughts, why not choose to think better ones?

So, I ask you, what are you doing to uplevel your mindset today? This week? This month? I want to hear from you!  Tweet me or let's connect in theThink Bigger Tribe Private facebook group!

This dream you're chasing will happen if you stay the course. But, if you hang everything -- your success, your self-worth, your forward movement in life -- solely on if you book a job, get that agent, heck get into an audition room -- it's a recipe for becoming jaded and disappointed over and over again.

Dave Annable talks about getting fired from his pilot this past pilot season. This done the mindset work needed. I'm in awe of him.

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