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I quit waiting tables after 15 years

DaJuan Johnson

Yeah, that's right. I worked in the service industry for over 15 years. Bartender. Then one day, I just quit. 

Before I go ANY further with this email let me say, I am not telling you to run out and quit your job!

For me, I'd seriously bought into the belief that the only way to pursue acting and have a side job was to wait tables. It was flexible and the money was good -- heck, who can beat cash in hand at the end of your shift. But, the price on my soul...well, that was a little more expensive. I was so unhappy. Can you imagine going to a well paying job that met all my financial needs, completely unhappy? That was me. 

There was one point during my tenure at my last bar job, which I held for 13 years, where I had three national commercials running and booked two network television shows in the same year. A great actor year to say the least. Everyone there and the customers would repeatedly joke, "DaJuan's going to be quitting soon?" To which I always thought, "I'm keeping this job just in case I need it."

I'm the responsible guy. You don't just up and quit a "stable" job because you had a great year, right???

I'd told myself this mantra over and over so many times, I not only believed it, but I manifested it. And the universe supported me at every corner. 

A few years later when I didn't have the same actor year, I told myself, see, aren't you glad you kept this job just in case. 

It occurred to me how powerful my mind and words had been. "Just in case." I started wondering...what if I didn't keep this job "just in case" things don't work out. What about thinking a more self supporting thought. I started to wonder what would happen if I fully believed in myself and took a full leap in my career?

So, I did. 
I decided to take massive action for myself and my career. I came up with a plan, set some clear and focused goals and worked extremely hard at achieving them. Once I got my mind in the game, everything else fell into place. Along with a lot of screaming doubt and "you can't leave this job" thoughts I had to face...

I quit that job. 

One of the best decisions I've ever made. This was almost three years ago and the world didn't end. It got a whole lot brighter. 

What are you holding on to just in case? What are you saying you want more of in your life, but your doing something completely opposite? The only person who can shift that is YOU. 

You order your world. Why not order something great.

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