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Two Words I Want All Actors to Stop Using

DaJuan Johnson

Are you guilty of saying this?

"Hey, watch me tonight on criminal minds (or insert your booking), but don't blink because it's ONLY a few lines."

or how about...

"I have an audition to work on, but it's JUST a co-star"


"It's ONLY a student film audition"

"Just" and "Only" are the killers of your confidence.

You've worked so incredibly hard to get to where you are and then you down play it by using "JUST" and "ONLY."

I can't be too upset with you because I've done it before too. 

Why do we do it?

We are down playing our success for others. We are guarding ourselves against what we think OTHERS might think of us. It's FEAR.

"Oh, that role is only a couple of lines, why are they so happy about it?" "It's not a guest star or series regular."

It needs to stop now. Right now. 

Here are three ways to get you off the "just" and "only" train and putting the focus back on where it really needs to be. You and your win!

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Gratitude. Be grateful for all the success that come along in your life. (And they're all successes.) But, there is true power in being grateful about this present moment and things happening at this current moment in your life. Saying thank you puts you in the space of abundance and grace. Takes you out of worrying about what others think about your success. Simply put, If you are not happy where you are, you probably won't get to where you want to be.

Confidence. When you feel yourself shying away from saying something great about yourself, simply ask yourself why? If you are truly worried about how others will perceive your news, stop. Ask yourself, "what would I do if I were fearless?" Then take one step towards being fearless!

Surround. This is all about finding your people. Your TRIBE. The support system that will call you on your B.S. and in turn support you through the good times.STOP TELLING YOUR DREAMS TO SMALL MINDED PEOPLE. When you put something out there to a "friend" and their first response is negative...well, you know what to do. Only surround yourself around people who are going to support your growth. This isn't to say you need to have "yes, men" around you only. My simple rule about this? When you see negativity coming -- cross the street!

I want to hear from you. Are you a "just" and/or "only" person, Tweet me or respond back to this email. Let's get a movement going and scrap these words from our vocab! 


"The Mindset Guy!"

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