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Street Talk

" When I first moved to Los Angeles, he was the person who helped me make my wants and dreams my reality. When I met him I was selling warrantees for commission (which I never made) in the mornings, waiting tables at night and auditioning was a fantasy. With his constant support and a belief in me, we created tactics and a game plan with which I got an agent, booked commercials, joined the Union, booked my first theatrical job and multiple jobs since. His career is inspiring, his passion is infectious and his experience in this industry makes his a knowledgeable voice you can trust. Thank you DaJuan!" -- Dana L. Wilson, Dexter, Major Crimes, The Fosters

"I was a little nervous working with DaJuan because I knew that a lot would be expected. He's a wonderfully social guy; when it's time to be social. When it's time to work he means business. When we started I had half a screenplay I'd been putting off finishing for months.  A few short months later I'd completed that, written a pilot, and lost 10 pounds. DaJuan didn't do that work for me but he helped me figure out my goals and then he held me to them." -- Joseph Williamson, Grey's Anatomy, HBO's Looking, 

"I've worked with DaJuan for a while now. You're not going to find a more passionate and hard working coach that really cares about you. Since our time working together I still drop in for a tune-up. Everyone needs a coach like him in their back pocket."  DaJuan is the best!!  -- Beth DoverOrange is the New Black, Another Period, Children's Hospital 

" I felt a big shift while filing out his intake form...Right then I knew there was something special here. He guided me to identify goals that were important to me and challenged me to face the existing barriers so that I could achieve these goals. It has been so impactful to have a coach that does not placate, that reminds me of my stated values, and that celebrated with me as I accomplished goals that I had put on the back burner for years. "-- Colleen Foy, Switched at Birth, Franklin & Bash, Acting Teacher

"After my first year in LA, I thought I was doing everything possible to further my career. I had an agent and a manager and thought I was set. I was wrong. Even with my team in place, I rarely auditioned and seldom booked. DaJuan's PowerGroup helped me set goals and held me accountable for taking those next steps. I always knew where I wanted to be, I just couldn't get there. DaJuan helped me build the confidence I needed to connect the dots." -- Justin Olson, New Girl & The Mindy Project VO, Dr. Pepper Campaign 

"I didn't really have much of a career when I started coaching with DaJuan, but thanks to him and our time together, I'm finally auditioning again. Be prepared to get pushed, be prepared to set your own limits, but be prepared because he will not only hold you accountable, but he'll hold your accountability accountable." -- Michael Vinton, Dish it Out! 


"DaJuan is hands down a gifted Life Coach! When I reached out to him to try life coaching, I was feeling stuck in my life. I wanted different results so badly, I just didn't know how to get them. From the get-go DaJuan pinpointed my stuck ways and decision making processes with six simple words that were eye opening, motivating, and continue to be. My friends and even my mother have noticed the positive changes, but best of all - I NOTICE my changes. I'm proud of myself and I can actually see and feel my life finally moving in the direction I've been                                                                                                                                                  wanting to go in. " --Kikey Castillo, BOSCH, Shameless, Host