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The Working Actors PowerGroup

I just found out that I have TWO spots opening in my Working Actors PowerGroup for the Summer Session. I know you've expressed interest in working together in the past, but didn't pull the trigger. Maybe it was budget or time. Those are usually the two things that stop people from doing something so awesome. I know, I've been there. Here's a great chance to get great coaching at 1/4 of the price. You want in?

Here's a quick description of what the PowerGroup entails. Check it out and if the group feels like something you may be interested in, we can set up a time to discuss it further. 

The time between post pilot season and episodic season is when most actors take time off. And then scramble to get their mindset, yes packages, reps and everything else in order before episodic season begins in July/August.

But, you're not "most" actors. You know this is prime time to get ready for Episodic Season and the rest of the year!

Please let me know whether or not you are interested by April 22, 2017. That way, if you decide not to join the group, I can pass this invitation on to another actor. I'm also throwing in a BONUS session on April 24 & 26 -- I'd hate for you to miss that! 

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