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Think Better

Here's The deal.

I'm on a mission to work with actors and let them know, although the "struggle may be real," it doesn't have to be an unpleasant journey. It's all about your THOUGHTS. The daily loop that's playing over and over in your head. They're your thoughts, why not choose BETTER ones!  

Here's How It Works.

This is NOT therapy. Sure, we will talk about your past and get to the understanding of WHY you do something a certain way. But the WHY  is just a BONUS. WHAT you do with that understanding is what we are after. See, coaching is SOLUTION focused.

If you find yourself in a dark cave and you've exhausted all possibilities of getting out...think of me as that person who is side by side with you. Holding the flashlight. Helping you see the path and the light at the end of the cave.

Ok, that's a strange metaphor that totally worked in my head -- truth be told I've never been great at them, but do you get my point?

I will help you achieve your dreams and dominate your goals!

I will champion you, but understand I will PUSH you just as hard. I will challenge you. I will hold you accountable. I believe YOU have all the answers YOU need. YOU just have to learn how to access them. That's where I come in. You say you want this dream of yours? Well, let's go get to it! It's time to THINK BIGGER AND BETTER!

here's the Warning.

Working with me can cause:

  • Your confidence to come back
  • You to let go of the stories holding you back
  • Your goals to be met
  • More happiness in your life
  • Laser Focus
  • Your Thoughts and Dreams to be BIGGER

Coaching is NOT right for everyone. Here's who I can help: 

I only work with artists that have a strong desire to take their life and performance to the next level. Artists who aren't just looking for the magic bean, but understand true change takes time and are willing to put in the work. 

Focus + Preparation + ACTION = Success