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Your reps dropped you? Your agent won’t call you back? You’re having a difficult time getting the right reps? Great. So what, now what?  Well, this is the workshop for you. 

The thoughts that are keeping you from truly getting the reps you deserve.

In this workshop you will exam the current thoughts you have around getting representation, getting better representation and/or staying with reps that don't deserve you! You will get tools to beat the negative thoughts, replace them with self supporting thoughts, get crystal clear on what you want and begin a plan to get the reps you deserve! 

  • I don't deserve better reps
  • Getting good representation is next to impossible
  • I hope this agent/manager signs me
  • I'll stay with this one until I find something better
  • I'm just grateful to have reps
  • I know I shouldn't have signed with them
  • Things will change
  • At least I have an agent

Have you thought or even said any of these?

Stop walking into your meetings and your searches from a place of FEAR! Please sir, rep me? No, more!

90 minutes 

BONUS. What every actor needs to know about THEIR personal post-it note...


$30 suggested donation! PAY WHAT YOU CAN!




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Representation Workshop